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De’Longhi 5513292811 Water Filter Review

 De'Longhi 5513292811 Water Filter

Pros & Cons:
De'Longhi 5513292811 Water Filter is a great solution for people who want to take out the guesswork from coffee making as it helps you make a great tasting coffee with rich aroma almost a standard. However one should keep in mind that a water filter does not completely eliminate need of cleaning your coffee machine from lime scale build up. You still need to be careful and taking necessary care for your coffee machine. Also one should exercise caution in changing the water filter timely to ensure you have truly filtered water coming in for coffee making.

Hard impure water can result in lime scale build up in the coffee machines, effect taste and aroma. If you are a true coffee fan, you would dream of a water filter that could stop lime scale build up in the coffee machines, protect the equipment, and above all help us with a great tasting coffee with rich aroma every time we need a cuppa.

De'Longhi 5513292811 Water Filter is a dependable water filter for all your coffee machine water requirements and handles the job well. It is sold for De’Longhi ECAM series that faces lime scale build up and stands to damage of the coffee machine.

The product is 2.4 x 1.7 x 6.5 inches in dimensions and has shipping weight of around 1 pound. Customers have earlier confirmed using the water filter with Magnificia S Deluxe and XS too.

De'Longhi 5513292811 Water Filter has a timer, and you will know when the unit is on. The unit is very easy to install and allows an easy replacement too when needed.

We mainly have 3 types of water coming into our households – Filtered, Tap, and Bottled water. Bottled water is mostly expensive and many a times found same as tap water. Many parts of the country do have great tap water but not everyone is that lucky. When you want a dependable option and you are also looking at health benefits, water filter like De'Longhi 5513292811 Water Filter is a great option.

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