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Dheng Kitchen Tool 56 Stainless Razor-sharp Steel Blades Professional Meat Tenderizer Review

Cooking beef and pork often takes time. We can use packaged meat tenderizers that are readily available in the market and reduce the cooking time. But often, it gives a peculiar taste to the meat and we can’t rely on packaged meat tenderizer if we want a chemical-free food, so a mechanical meat tenderizer would be a more apt approach.

Dheng Kitchen Tool 56 Stainless Razor-sharp Steel Blades Professional Meat Tenderizer

Dhen Kitchen Professional Meat Tenderizer gives you the advantage of mechanically tenderizing meat for healthy and succulent evenly cooked beef, pork, chicken, turkey and so more.
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The mechanical meat tenderizer is powered with 56 stainless steel razor-sharp blades to shorten your marinade time. All you need to do is to just place your meat piece on the cutting board. Remove the plastic safety cover of your meat tenderizer, and smoothly press the device on the top of the steak, roast, or any other cut of meat. You can repeat the process till the whole piece of meat is covered, and here you go your meat is ready to be marinated for a much easier and quicker marination process, resulting in a succulent, juicy, and uniformly cooked meat.

The equipment’s double protection safety design, ABS safety cap, and safety lock provide more safety and comfortable usage. However, it is advisable to keep the cap on when not in use and keep the mechanical tenderizer safe from naughty hands.

The device is handy and is not more than 8 ounces. The meat tenderizer is easy to clean and comes with a bristle brush as a bonus.

Dheng Kitchen Tool 56 Stainless Razor-sharp Steel Blades Professional Meat Tenderizer
is par excellence in terms of tenderizing the meat evenly and quickly, reducing the marinade time, and resulting in mouthwateringly tender and evenly cooked meat. Not only this, safe usage and breeze cleaning make this meat tenderizer a must have tool in your kitchen arsenal.

The device is compact and works like wonders. The mechanical meat tenderizer reduces cooking time by 40%. A press-type design, stainless steel product material, and ABS handle of the mechanical tenderizer provide easy and comfortable usage. It is recommended to thoroughly clean the device under running water before first usage. The blades are extremely sharp and precautions should be taken while cleaning the equipment. It is advisable to clean the equipment using clean water instead of throwing it into the dishwasher and always keep the lock of the device up and safe from the hands of children.

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