Braun JB7170 PureMix Countertop Jug Blender Review

If you love smoothies and frozen desserts, I’m sure you must have thought about checking various brands of blenders from Kitchenaid to Vitamix.

These are wonderful machines when it comes to blending, crushing, and pulverizing. But somewhere down the line, you must concerned about the money you spend in buying these powerful blenders. One more thing is that these are heavy and it often gets hard to move them around. Besides these, if you have a small kitchen, accommodating these bigger footprints blenders again gets you in trouble.

So, if you’re looking for a high-end blender that does all the things that a big blender will do, small in size, and easy on your pocket too, I’m sure you won’t mind reading about Braun Puremix Countertop Jug Blender.

As the name suggests, the machine has a smaller footprint with a neat cord storage and occupies minimum space on your countertop.

The blender works like any other big powerful blender. In fact better from them in many ways. For instance, the KitchenAid KSB5 holds 40 oz while Braun JB7170 PureMix Countertop Jug Blender holds a good amount of 50 oz. The KitchenAid is heavier weighing about 11 pounds as compared to 9 pounds of Braun.

The other market giant Black and Decker smoothie blender has a common problem of not pulling down the last ingredient when substantially filled, so not everything get smoothed. The results are far better and smoother with Braun. This is due to the 5 different speed modes. Braun also offers a pulse function for staggered blending.

The Baun Puremix is sleek with 2 tone stainless steel black finish and blends easily with a contemporary kitchen theme. It stirs, chops, mixes, puree, liquefies, and crushes and pulverizes ice. The LED control panel works at a touch of button

Pros and Cons

The automatic ice crush program pulverizes ice cubes with ease.

The innovative smooth crush provides uniform blending. The credit goes to the blender’s pitcher contour and unique blade design.

The thermos-resist 56-fl oz glass jar allow harmless switching from hot to cold without any risk of cracking.

Cleaning is a breeze with sealed control panel, dishwasher safe removable blade assembly. The glass jug is also dishwasher safe.

It’s hard to find a single con in this blender. So, I’m leaving this for you.

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