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Famous Breakfast Recipes and Ideas For Morning meal On-The-Go

Morning meal is thought to be the most significant mealĀ of the day. You can enjoy various breakfast options depending on your preferences and availability of ingredients in your kitchen. But, the most important thing about the first meal of the day is that it should be well balanced with apt amount of nutrients. This meal should be power packed with all the essential fatty acids, proteins, minerals, vitamins, complex carbohydrates, as well as fibers to keep your digestive system on track and make you feel good and fit.



There are lots of morning meal recipes that you can prepare, for instance, crepes, pancakes, waffles, homemade flavored yogurt, and so more. You can even utilize your baking skills while making a healthy nutritive breakfast at the start of the day. Try some healthy baking with olive oil, fat-free yogurt, skimmed milk, honey, and make your breakfast a healthy tasty delight to jump start your day.

Below is the list of some of the healthy baked breakfast recipes. Have a look and get an idea of how you can make them more interesting by simply utilizing your creative skills. You can even check various online resources as well as cookbooks to get more ideas of preparing healthy baked goodies as morning meals.

familyfriendlyfatburningmeals1. Banana Orange Oat Muffins

2. Baked Bread Rolls

3. Blueberry Oatmeal Breakfast Cake

4. Honey and Date Breakfast Bread

5. Whole wheat focaccia

6. Molasses raisin bran muffins

7. Baked fruit and vegetable platter

8. Baked Eggs

These are a few suggestions from a pool of healthy breakfast ideas you can find online and in cookbooks. Baking not only keeps the nutrient content of the food intact but also require no to minimum amount of fat to cook the food to perfection. Besides this, being adept with the skills of baking enable you to discover yourself and beat the monotony of routine cooking. It also breaks the inertia of boredom by including that extra zing in taste and preparation as well as let you explore the possibilities of cooking with versatility. So, take out your oven mitts, muffins pans, and loaf tins, get some healthy baking ingredients, and try your hands on preparing the healthiest and tastiest first meal of the day for yourself and your family.


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