Broil King CDR-2CFBB Hot Plate Review

Broil King CDR-2CFBB Professional Double Space Saver Hot PlateCooking on an electric hot plate is always a trouble-free experience. Few years back, the usability of hot plates was confined within domestic kitchens but now with the advent of highly powerful yet compact and affordable devices, this specific domain, of electric cook tops, has emerged as a market reigned among the costlier versions of commercial cooking ranges.

As these hot plates are compact, easy to use, and no less than any hi -power commercial cooking range in terms of efficiency and durability, they are the hot favorites among budding restaurateurs and coffee or snack shop owners.

Pros & Cons:
Compact and easy-to-operate professional double space saver hot plate that is ideal for commercial as well as domestic usage. Affordable and offers trouble-free cooking experience. The space saving front to back design and non-skid feet of the device offer compact and firm placement on the countertop. Easy-to-clean with rugged stainless steel construction and just need a moist towel wipe off after cooling down. The device heats up quickly and provides fast and efficient cooking. Not exactly a drawback, but as with all countertop hot plates, the efficient heating or cooking can be done when the pots or pans used are closest in diameter with the heating element. For best results use the pans that are 7 to 8 inches in diameter.

So, if you have a small commercial setup, for instance, a soup restaurant, or a road-side eatery, and don’t want to shell extra money in buying a full-fledged commercial cooking range, Broil King CDR-2CFBB Professional Double Space Saver Hot Plate is the best industrial hot plate to meet your needs.

The commercial quality high power cooking device with robust stainless construction deemed to be fit for industrial as well as domestic usage. The well-designed double space saver hot plate has a front burner and a back burner and gives you the freedom of boiling, simmering, as well as sautéing various food items while occupying a very little space on your cooking platform. Surprizingly, the cooling fan of the hot plate doesn’t make any noise and offers quiet operations.

With 8 inch high speed tubular heating element and a high 1500 watts power, the Hot Plate gives full control on any meal preparation as the power is evenly distributed between the 2 burners. The heat output of both the burners is independently controlled with dial control knobs. The unit heats up quickly and maintains a consistent temperature throughout the cooking cycle with the aid of energy efficient Robertshaw thermostat. The easily identifiable power indicator light of the device offers safe and convenient operation.

With dimensions of 12.2 x 14 x 4.1 inches; 6.6 pounds and shipping weight of 22 pounds, the device is a Professional Double Space Saver Hot Plate. The rugged heavy duty stainless steel housing of the device is compact and easy-to-clean and provides cost-effective alternative for a commercial setup.

Broil King CDR-2CFBB Professional Double Space Saver Hot Plate has arrived as a revolutionary product in the cook tops range and provides tough competition to high-end expensive models. The device offers a perfect combination of highly powerful end-user usability and easy affordability. No second thoughts if you are looking something that can compete with the efficiency of high-end expensive cooking alternatives at a pocket-friendly price.

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