Cadco CDR-1T Countertop Double Hot Plate Review

 Cadco CDR-1T Countertop Double 120-Volt Hot Plate

Pros & Cons:
Quick and efficient with high speed tubular heating elements and energy-efficient Robertshaw thermostat. Easy to operate with the aid of on/off rocker switch and separate power indicator lights for each burner. UL/c-UL indoor usage certified and offers safe and convenient cooking operations. Sturdy yet elegant and aesthetically matches with the ambiance. It would have been better if the on/off rocker switch had been a bit simpler but as you use the device regularly, you will get a hang of it.

Convenience cooking on a countertop hot plate is incomparable, in terms of, safe usage and efficiency, and when the name associated with reputed brands like Cadco, you don’t have to think twice before going for it. Cadco offers a wide range of single and double burner hot plates and gives you the option of choosing any one of them depending on your requirement and affordability. Equipped with high speed tubular elements, these cook tops offer quick and efficient hassle-free cooking experience. Cadco CDR-1T 120-Volt Hot Plate is a double burner cook top to meet all your needs of cooking as well as warming.

The 120-Volt Hot Plate offers an incredible feature of making 2 dishes simultaneously with the aid of 2 energy-efficient Robertshaw thermostats with infinite heat control to attain desired temperatures quickly. The on/off rocker switch and power indicator lights of the cook top offers safe and easy operation.

Additionally, both the hot plates of the cooktop are provided with high speed 6 inch tubular elements with independent dial-control knobs for convenient cooking. The Hot Plate gives you the options of quick heating, slow heating, simmering, as well as keeping your food warm until it is served. The heat output of both the hot plates can be adjusted by, simply, rotating the dial control to either HI, LOW, MED, or WARM controls for various cooking purposes. You can even have the freedom of using one or both the burners at a time with OFF setting of the dial control knob. Being certified with UL safety and sanitary/c-UL, the unit serves as a safe, quick, and efficient alternative for all your indoor cooking needs.

With dimensions of 12.2 x 21.2 x 4.2 inches and weight of not more than 11 pounds, the device can be easily secured on your countertop. The rugged stainless construction and well-built structured design of the Hot Plate makes it ideal for everyday cooking needs from sunup till sundown. The stainless housing of the device can be easily cleaned with mild soapy liquids and just need a simple wipe off with soft kitchen towel after use. The red power indicator lights of the device, on the sides of each dial control knob that blink when the burners are in working mode and ready to be used, offer easy and safe operation.

The burner is, in no terms, less than any powerful commercial cooking appliance, though designed for domestic purposes. The device meets your entire daily cooking requirement, from breakfast to dinner and even evening snack preparations. Now, you can simmer stews, sear meats, and even toss spaghetti with 3 different heat settings of HI, MED, and LO. You can even prepare the dish in advance and put it on keep warm mode while you relax and entertain your guests, and can set the dinner table anytime with hot steaming meal. All in all, the Cadco CDR-1T Countertop Double 120-Volt Hot Plate provides you all what you look for in an efficient hassle-free domestic countertop cooking appliance.

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