Edgestar CWR361FD Review

Pros & Cons: Well designed unit with efficient and easy operation, plenty of space and do not have to open the fridge to regulate the temperature. Now I can’t end this without pointing a cons …can I ? Well the lighting is at the top and the illumination is obstructed for the lower side of the fridge. Not a great issue though.

Edgestar CWR361FD is a double door, double partition 36-bottle wine Refrigerator. The important thing is that you can store wines at two different temperatures in different compartments. This gives you flexibility to store wines at two-temperature range. Talk of storing Red and White wine in two different compartments for example. Compartments are separated by a steel divider and are virtually independent with independent temperature control systems including fan, thermostat and LED Display and Carbon filter.

The doors are made of stainless steel trim and inner tempered Glass that provides a great view of the Wines kept inside. Each door has a separate built in locks to keep your wine secure. The shelves are slide out and make taking out or keeping a bottle of wine into the Refrigerator easy. A soft blue light for a great view of the bottles illuminates the compartments.

The Edgestar CWR361FD has two prominent steel handles, which are very easy to use, and the front side of the refrigerator carries the Vent making it versatile to either use it as under the counter or stand-alone refrigerator.

The top right side carries elegant control panel, which gives you easy controls on the temperature. It carries 10 full length slide out stainless steel trimmed wooden shelves and 2 partial depth shelves. The Door glass is with black dot matrix to protect your wines from UV rays.

The Edgestar CWR361FD is very versatile French Refrigerator inspired Wine Refrigerator and gives you not only to store 36 Wine bottles in one go but also two maintain two temperature ranges, use it as under the counter or Stand alone refrigerator. The stainless steel finish is elegant and and mixes well with any interiors. The compressor is efficient and gives you a temperature adjustment range from 40 -65 degree F.

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