Food, Love, and Sex

Lately, an old friend of mine during a chit chat session on the dinner table proposed me to examine meals and menu items. All of us eat, she said. According to a famous saying “Way to a man’s heart is through his belly.” Even when men cook they appear sexier than usual and can seduce their women, regardless of whatever they are making. Listening to this, I got completely awestruck, and this discussion forced me to analyse the relationship between food, love, and sex.

It is really difficult to feel romantic if you are empty stomach. This is just one side of the picture, on the other side, it is pretty obvious and all of us have experienced this also that when you have a huge crush on someone and he or she suddenly walks towards you with an inviting smile, your heart begin to pound and you often lose your sense of hunger. Food and sex are the two basic needs of human body. These two drives have played major roles during the evolution of species and are the basic components of the structure of our nature which makes it prudent that they are so closely weaved together.

There are specific fruits, vegetables, dairy products, spices, and various sort of other food items that are linked directly or indirectly to your health, well being, and most importantly your libido or sex drive. Certain foods you merely need to imagine, scent, or see to consider sex, based on some researches. Right here are a couple of to consider:

1)Delicious chocolate has long been believed to be an aphrodisiac-Long back around 1600s, it was believed to be such a strong stimulant that religious leaders had almost issued sermons to monks and nuns and those involved in religious activities about not consuming them. Chocolates consist of a chemical PEA which is related to giving a rush or a sensation of exhilaration. It induces the secretion of dopamine, the same chemical released during all types of “kicks” including “orgasm.” Various other food items including fruits like apples, avocados, tomatoes, almonds, as well as cheddar cheese also responsible for the release of dopamine making you feel more erotic and aroused to begin with. While we’re on the subject, it is found that simply the aroma of almond oil is linked with an increase in women’s libido- with the included incentive of possibly boosting heart health and wellness.

2)Then, there are certain foods that can be considered sexy as they have the ability to direct our senses to experience the pleasures of that bliss state that we long for during any sexual encounter. Asparagus as well as avocados look like specific male features, so these could become an indirect method to make your partner fantasize about sex. Likewise, some foods, for instance, bananas are rich source of potassium and vitamin B , the 2 important chemicals responsible for the production of sex hormones in human body.

3)Last but not the least come the spices. Ginseng and ginger responsible for the surge in blood circulation -ginseng especially believed to increase women’s libido by stimulating the central nervous system. Nutmeg and cinnamon are likewise reported to excite erotic feelings and bring a kind of euphoria needed for arousal. Cloves, cardamoms, basil, and mints are excellent mouth fresheners that keep your breath fresh making you spontaneous and ready for passionate kissing. And, because we’re discussing spices and herbs, this may be an excellent time to point out that some additives are expected to improve the taste of semen, for instance, cardamom, lemon, and peppermint as well as pineapple.

4)If you’re intending a charming evening, you may search on for a great bottle of wine with the intentions that it will make your evening more relaxed. Here it is important to point out the ill effects of alcohol. Drinking alcohol in moderate quantities on one hand serves the purpose but on the other hand, drinking it excessively can almost ruin all your plans of a pleasant evening and the after-evening fun, under the stars, that you were dreaming for. Excessive alcohol consumption causes decrease in women’s DHEA responsible for their arousal. Likewise, in men it causes decrease in the testosterone level, hormone majorly related to sex drive in men. Besides this, it also causes a plunge in vasopressin, thus making it hard to achieve erection. Alcohol consumption beyond accepted limits even results in oxytocin reduction, hormone related with the sense of touch, so touching your mate can lose its magic, and the feeling of touch is not as sensitive as it should be to bring about the surge of hormones leading to the state of bliss.

5 ) At the beginning of any game, you can even utilize certain food items for foreplay-whipped cream, jell-o, honey as well as all the typical ones to think about. After listening to some quite amusing as well as gluey stories from my female friends, I’ll stop here to advise you to check for expiration dates, and also to clean-up issues in advance.

Food, love, as well as sex have a lengthy past history, and one that has its roots in our biology. If you’re thinking of an enchanting present for your beloved, why buy simply a typical box of chocolates? As an alternative you might make an” aphrodisiac basket,” or prepare a dinner that integrates the foods discussed above.

Eat, Love, and Enjoy 🙂

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