Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29882 Review

Pros & Cons: The only negative I found with the machine was that the loaves are a bit on the heavy side. This would certainly round out a person's small kitchen appliance list.I would definitely give this machine a 5 star rating.

Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29882 bread-maker is very lightweight, fits nicely on the counter-top, and blends in nicely with most all small kitchen counter-top appliances. As it comes pretty much ready to use right from the box it's not necessary to assemble a bunch of pieces before being able to use it. This machine makes the job of making smaller loaves of bread for smaller families not only much easier but also more convenient than going through a day long process of bread-making the conventional way using a number of dishes, going through a number of steps and using a large kitchen oven. The Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29882 does it all for you quickly and simply. Operation and cleanup is a breeze as well. This machine was designed with the busy home-maker in mind. You just fill up the provided pan with the necessary ingredients, select the desired cycles, of which there are twelve to choose from, and press the start button. Before long the aroma fills your kitchen and you have a nicely formed loaf of delicious fresh bread. From start to finish in about three hours.

The machine comes with two non-stick kneading paddles, and as you only really need one it allows an extra one in the event something should happen to one. There is also a complete users manual provided along with many good recipes. Having a manual provided was a treat because most manufacturers these days don't provide them, you have to go online and hunt for them. This machine is awesome.

Dimensions: 12.2 H x 14.13 W x 10.43 DWeight is a mere 14 lbs. An extended 2-yr warranty is available.Light, medium, and dark crust settings.12 cycles: Basic; French; Whole Grain; Quick Bread; Sweet; Gluten-Free; 1/5 lb express; 2 lb express; Dough only; Jam; Cake; and Bake.Includes a reciped book and a users manual.

Time delay timer to allow for addition of ingredients and begin baking later.There is an audible reminder for adding nuts, fruits, etc.Inclusion of an extra kneading paddle Non-stick for ease of cleanup

With this machine you can now make jams and cakes quickly and easily, too. Not to mention that if I forget an ingredient I can just lift the lid while it is still mixing and just toss the ingredient in. It makes your life a lot easier in the kitchen. You do find the vertical pan a bit different to get used to but the design still allows for the bread to be sliced for sandwiches or toasting, it just gives a different look to the finished loaves.

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