Hamilton Beach Premium 29888 Bread Maker Review

Hamilton Beach Premium 29888 Review
Hamilton Beach Premium 29888 The Sleekest & Coolest Bread-maker Ever

Bread making is an art many people dream of perfecting. Hamilton Beach Premium 29888 Bread Maker makes this real easy. Now making fresh, homemade bread or dough is easy like never before.

This bread-maker automates most of the chores in bread or dough making, that tend to go wrong. Hamilton beach 29888 makes the kneading process hassle-free. Point to be noted It comes with an inbuilt dispenser to add fruits and nuts. Now that’s about kneading but it doesn’t end there. It also comes with 14 pre-programmed cook settings. Now you can feel free to test all the recipes and even do gluten-free and artisan options. You can even customize the size and shape of the bread’s crust to your preferences.

Hamilton Beach Premium 29888 Bread Maker Review - Fruits and Nuts Dispenser

With Hamilton Beach 29888 you can choose your bread by size and color. It comes with 3 crust settings 1-, 1.5-, or 2-lb. loaves.

Hamilton Beach Premium 29888 Bread Maker Review - Loaf Sizes

The settings include basic, French, sweet, quick, express, quick bread (without yeast), whole grain, dough, rise, jam, bake, cake gluten-free and artisan dough.

While you have 14 programmed cycles you can cook your bread in 3 easy steps. This is:

Hamilton Beach Premium 29888 Bread Maker Review - 3 Easy Steps
  1. Add ingredients
  2. Select a cycle
  3. Press Start!

That’s all for it.

Also, did I mention you can easily remove your baked bread? The Hamilton Beach 29888 comes with a non-stick bread pan. You even got a viewing window that lets you peek into what’s going on with the cooking. This makes controlling the baking process really easy.

Hamilton Beach Premium 29888 Bread Maker Review - Accessories

This bread maker also comes with easy to clean bread pan and paddle. They are dishwasher safe. The non-stick pan can be lifted out for easy bread removal and cleaning.

Hamilton Beach Premium 29888 Bread Maker Review - Removable Lid

Off-course it comes with

an integrated timer. Includes cooking delay timer, delay start function and indicator lights. Needless to mention the bread pan and kneading paddle is removable. But you should note that it does not include convection cooking.

The Hamilton beach premium 29888 measures 9.5 x 13.75 x 13 in and constructed in stainless steel. You can request the manufacturer’s warranty, (if you need one) from the customer service.

Get ready to bake fantastic delectable pieces of bread without even rolling your sleeves. Bread making was never so hands-off 🙂

What about accessories? Well you got the measuring cup and spoon, kneading paddle with paddle removing tool

Hamilton Beach Premium 29888 Bread Maker Review - Measurements

The Hamilton 29888 is currently rated 4.1 out of 5 on Amazon. People compliment the machine for great design with the ultimate high-end look. This amazing machine can bring the baking aroma right in your home. They say “There is nothing quite like a warm slice of homemade bread.”

All in Hamilton Beach 29888 is worth having in your kitchen. It will simplify your bread making efforts and your friends and family will love you for it!

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