Hisense RT33D6AAE Compact Refrigerator Review

Smaller is smarter, this is a widely accepted truth of the modern-age living. People are now opting for compact modern age devices that occupy less space and are easy on pockets too.

Compact refrigerators with a tiny built-in freezer compartment are favored more than bigger king-size refrigerators.


Pros & Cons:
All in all, the best compact refrigerator of them all if you’re looking something durable, long-lasting, and energy saving. The only glitch here is that the fridge has comparatively shorter leveling legs, so if your floor is particularly out of level, you will have to shim the fridge to get some semblance of level.

Hisense RT33D6AAE is one such compact cooling and freezing device that is designed specifically to accommodate the features of a big refrigerator into a smaller unit.

The refrigerator comes with a 2.3 cubic feet of cooling chamber and a 1 cubic feet of built-in freezing compartment. This compactly designed unit can be placed anywhere in your house, but the best place to keep it is near your desk where you can have your icy cold water and soda pop right at hand. The device is quieter and works efficiently with accurate temperature setting.

The inner cooling chamber has 2 glass shelves that give enough room to accommodate your eatables, bottom crisper drawer holds a decent quantity of fruits. The unit's well designed layout holds up to 8 beverage cans in the door and a liter bottle. Each can rack has its individual slot, so there is no stacking or sliding.

With dimensions of 21.5 x 18.7 x 33.7 inches and weight of not more than 57.8 pounds, the compact refrigerator offers easy standalone free standing installation. The device boasts a solidly built stainless steel body and a reversible door. The unit is easy to use and easy to clean, thanks to the interior light and glass shelves.

Generously sized built-in freezer compartment holds ice tray, some frozen foods, and a good-sized ice cream bucket in it. The freeze door also holds some of the packaged frozen items in it. The most important feature of this compact refrigerator is that it saves your electricity and is energy star certified.

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