Holmes HRH7403EREDM Infrared Console Heater Review

Holmes HRH7403EREDM Infrared Console Heater Review
Holmes HRH7403EREDM Infrared Console Heater Review

Winters are here, and the need of the hour, to keep your home cozy and warm, is an efficient indoor space heater. Infrared console heaters are fairly common among households and are the most preferred ones over various indoor heating devices due to their efficiency, durability, and easy affordability.

Pros & Cons:
Eco-smart energy efficient device with high and low heat settings. Adjustable thermostat and 24-hour timer with fan only setting gives you the freedom of choosing any option depending on your requirements. Overheat protection, manual user reset, cool-touch wooden console offer safe operations. Easy portability and remote access for a convenient end-user experience. Not exactly a con, but the outer appearance of the device is not very impressive in terms of elegance and design but that doesn’t have any effect on the overall rating of the device.

Holmes HRH7403EREDM Infrared Console Heater has beaten all the limitations of a typical infrared quartz heater in terms of portability, eco-friendly quiet operations, and admirable features of remote control access and cool-touch wooden housing while under operation.

Being powered with 6 quartz bulbs and enclosed glowing tubes, the heater heat up the space silently and effectively maintaining a cozy warmth ambient temperature. The LED display and technologically advanced digital control panel of the device offers convenient end-user experience. Notably, the Holmes HRH7403EREDM Infrared Console Heater is an environment friendly energy efficient device with Eco-smart energy saving setting that automatically switches the device off/on and maintains an optimum set temperature level indoors.

Additionally, the high and low heat settings of the device allow controlling the heat output maintaining adequate ambient temperature. Programmable thermostat, 24-hour timer, and fan only settings of this Infrared Console Heater allow you to choose the desired option depending on your comfort needs. With built-in overheat safety feature and manual user reset, the device is safe to be used indoors and perfect for large living rooms and basement. In-built smooth caster wheels of the device offer effortless portability and help you moving the appliance easily from one place to other for a pleasurable warm soothing experience anywhere indoors.

The Holmes HRH7403EREDM Infrared Console Heater comes with an easy-to-use remote control for letting you enjoy the freedom of controlling your device from a distance and enjoying cozy comfortable warm indoors without any hustle and bustle. With dimensions of 16.6 x 22.2 x 20.3 inches ; 33 pounds and shipping weight of not more than 35 pounds, the device can be accommodated in any corner of your house or garage for keeping the ambience warm and comfortable. The cool-touch wooden housing of the device provides a protective barrier between the heating element and you.

Infrared console heaters are the best household and basement heating appliances as they are easily affordable, require minimal maintenance, and offer quiet operations. The Holmes HRH7403EREDM Infrared Console Heater works amazingly well in heating up a large living room or a garage space. The energy-efficient feature of the device helps control the roof-through heating electricity bills in winters and let you enjoy the cold festive season with all the warmth and coziness that you ever dreamed off.

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