Iwatani ZA-3HP Portable Butane Gas Stove Review

 Iwatani Corporation of America ZA-3HP Portable Butane Stove Burner

Pros & Cons:
Perfect indoor/outdoor gas burner stove that gives you maximum heat output and works efficiently with round as well as flat bottom pots and pans. Now, you can enjoy stir fried vegetables, tossed spaghetti, and seared rib eyes in a matter of minute. The high flame output makes roasting and searing an easy breezy task. However, the device can’t be used for slow cooking purposes. You can’t make pot roast or beef stew on it.

You shouldn’t be surprised, if you find at least one gas burner in each Japanese house. Japanese use it as a hotpot for cooking as well as keeping the dishes warm right at the table. Iwatani is the leading Japanese gas stove manufacturing brand that is known for its technologically advanced products designed with safety interlocks, thermal safety shutoff, and a heat sink that offer safe end-user cooking experience.

Iwatani Za-3hp Portable Gas Stove is the best buy in camping backpacking stoves. The best indoor as well as outdoor gas stove that gives you the freedom of utilizing the inflammable properties of butane gas for cooking purposes. The burner ignites easily, and the gas flame gives you good control over cooking. Now, you can cook even faster and can spend more leisure time outside your kitchen.

Additionally, the stove is equipped with a heat sink. The heat sink is a piece of thick aluminum that transfers heat from the burner flame over to the underside of the butane canister. As the butane dispenses, the canister tends to get very cold. When the canister gets cold, the butane doesn't dispense as reliably, and your flame is inconsistent. The heat sink warms the canister, ensuring reliable butane flow and a consistent flame, and it really works. The 12,000 BTU high-powered CSA commercial indoor approved Portable Butane Gas Stove offers easy and safe usage with auto safety stop and piezo-electric ignition. Being equipped with an igniter, you don’t need to search for the matchbox all the time and keep your time and energy conserved for cooking with imagination and creativity using the advantages of a gas stove. The device is ideal for camping purposes and helps you make hot steaming camp food while you are camping or vacationing over the country side.

With dimensions of 14 x 11 x 4.2 inches and weight of not more than 3.7 pounds, the gas stove can be easily accommodated on the countertop or can be used for warming or simmering your dishes on the buffet table. The Portable Gas Stove is sleek and sturdy and offers compact and neat storage when not in use as well as when you are on the move.

Iwatani Za-3hp Portable Butane Gas Stove is a terrific product for gas cooking in an electric kitchen. The best thing about having a gas stove is that you don’t depend on power supply for cooking a meal. As the burner fires up easily and burns hot with adjustable flame, it gives you the freedom of enjoying mouthwatering wok dishes and shallow fried fish and chips even in no power situations. The stove is classy and more stylish than other stoves and comes with a durable carrying case. All in all, a reasonably priced gas burner stove that just works.

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