Jura 15093 Automatic Coffee Machine Z6, Aluminum Review

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If looking for a coffee machine that will help you prepare coffee with the same standard and quality as your best coffee bar, consider Jura 15093. The milk foam, temperature, and texture is what you would get from an experienced barista.

This coffee maker is the Rolls Royce of automatic coffee machines. It has an easy-to-use interface and an intelligent water interface that alerts you when the filter requires replacement.

With it, you can prepare a wide variety of drinks.

Pulse Extraction Process

Jura 15093 uses the pulse extraction process, a technology that optimizes the extraction process. As a result, you get to prepare even short specialty coffees like espresso and ristretto with an intensity of aromas.

It allows a bouquet of aromas to blossom, results –  café like standard espresso at the touch of a button.


Innovative Nozzle Technology

The machine’s nozzle technology makes it possible for you to prepare fine and very tempting milk foam. It switches milk to milk foam fully and fast since it’s automatic.

Thanks to the adjustable milk foam temperature, you can prepare different trend specialties to match a professional barista’s standard with ease.

Easily Accessible Control Elements

All control elements of Jura 15903 are conveniently placed at the front hence easy to use. You can remove the water tank and refill the bean container from the front as well.

You can also rename different coffees and position them on the machine’s screen, which is easily accessible. It boasts refined functionality hence highly efficient.

Customizable Settings

Jura 15093 Automatic Coffee Machine Z6, Aluminum comes with settings that enable you to prepare everything to your taste. You can set your coffee strength within the range of 1 to 10 and the amount of water you want in your drinks.

The settings enable you to get the right amount of milk or milk foam for your cappuccino and set the temperature of the milk and milk foam

Beautiful Design

The machine comes in a classy design to match your modern kitchen. It’ll look great on your counter and, most likely, draw your guests’ attention if they come across it.

It is an exquisite showcase of Swiss innovation and an appliance you’ll like having in your home.

Smart Connect

Jura 15093 connects to your phone or tablet, enabling you to prepare your drinks with a click. You can also connect with a wireless device such as a wireless upgrade kit or cool control wireless.


Heats Up Fast

Unlike some coffee machines that take even more than 15 minutes to heat up, Jura heats up fast. With it, you’ll prepare several cups of coffee for your family or guests in the shortest time possible. It’ll also help you prepare your coffee fast in the morning before stepping out for work.

Easy to Maintain

The machine has a glass carafe that is removable and very easy to clean. It also boasts a built-in milk cleaning system that makes it easy for you to clean the milk feed system with a simple touch of a button.

Easy to Use

Jura 15093 Z6 coffee machine is easy and intuitive to use. For instance, the filter cartridge and the coffee maker are linked by RFID technology. It recognizes the filter automatically and selects the most appropriate settings.

User Manual

This machine comes with an easy-to-read user manual that is easy to understand. With this manual, you not only learn how to set up the machine but also how to use it. It’s highly effective.


Jura Z6 comes with a 2-year warranty; hence worth giving a try since you are guaranteed a replacement in case of manufacturer defects.

Jura 15093 is a high-quality automatic coffee machine that is highly functional and convenient to use. It has a built-in cleaning system that operates with a touch of a button and heats up pretty fast.

You can operate it via phone or tablet, prepare different types of drinks, and customize its settings to fit your needs. The fact that it’s fully automatic and has smart features makes me give it a 4.5 rating.


It comes in a beautiful design, has a superior cleaning system, and has a big water tank.


Its side and back are plastic

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