KENWOOD KMM021 7QT Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine Review

KENWOOD KMM021 7QT Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine Review

As a baker, having a good mixer is very important. It makes it easier to prepare your dough and work comfortably. KENWOOD KMMM021 7QT is a kitchen machine that is well made and sturdy. It is perfect for all mixing tasks and comes in a sleek modern design.

This elegant bulldog can handle heavy wheat doughs without too much effort.

European Designed Motor

The mixer boasts an 800-watt motor that’s strong enough for long-term use. It has twice the power of standard mixers and delivers the right torque to handle heavy dough loads.

The motor’s dual ventilation helps to prolong its life.

Variable Speed Control

With variable speed controls, this mixer helps incorporate all ingredients gradually before mixing them at high speed. This way, your mixture remains in the bowl throughout the process and not on the countertop.

It also has 4 speeds that let you go from a gentle fold to fast whips in seconds.

7QT Bowl

The mixer has a large capacity bowl which is not only sturdy but also easy to work with. The bowl has handles on each side that make it easy for you to pour the dough.

This bowl fits into place by turning clockwise onto the base. You can also remove it with ease by turning it anti-clockwise, even with the mixing tools still in place.

KENWOOD KMM021 7QT Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine Review

Sturdy and Long-Lasting Quality

KENWOOD KMM021 is made of high-quality aluminum, a feature that makes it superior for baking and highly durable. It is strong enough to mix dough for yeasted bread without overheating and thus a favorite for baking experts.

Thanks to the sturdy build, the workhorse can quickly whisk, knead, mix and take any punishment in the kitchen.

Quiet Operation

With this kitchen mixer, you would expect a lot of noise when using it, right? Well, here comes the good news – It operates with very minimal noise that it can’t wake up fuzzy sleepers in your home.

4 Attachment Hubs

The mixer comes with 4 extra attachments where you can attach other kitchen appliances (purchased separately), a feature that makes it multifunctional. You can attach a meat grinder, spiralizer, pasta maker, ice cream maker, among others.

KENWOOD KMM021 7QT Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine Review

Space-Saving Design

Although heavy, KENWOOD KMM021 7QT Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine comes in a shorter square configuration, hence fits comfortably on a counter. It also has a tilt-head design that not only enables you to access the bowl with ease but also makes it easy to store under overhead cabinets.

Ease of Cleaning

The machine is very easy to maintain and clean. The removable parts are easy to hand wash and machine washable as well. For the other parts, you only need to wipe it clean with a damp cloth.


The mixer comes with 3 sturdy plastic-free coated mixing tools (2 types of beakers and a dough hook) to help you mix ingredients with ease. It also has a plastic splash guard that prevents spattering as you mix and add your ingredients.

It also comes with a spatula for scratching everything from the bowl and a wrench for adjusting the height of all mixing tools when needed.

User Guide

A free instructions booklet to help you learn how to operate the machine is also included. Although it doesn’t have recipes, it’s pretty helpful, especially to persons using the mixer for the first time.


It is believed that the longer the warranty period of a product, the better it is in quality. The product comes with a 5-year warranty and thus highly reliable.

If you want a serious mixer that will help you handle all kitchen mixing tasks effortlessly, this is your go-to product. It comes in a modern, sleek design, is well made, and easy to use. Its speeds are located at the front, unlike most brands that place them at the back, making it inconvenient for users.

The machine comes with enough accessories to make your work easier. You also get to save the extra coins you could have spent buying them.

The fact that you can also attach other kitchen appliances to this mixer is the reason I’d give it a rating of 4.7 out of the possible 5.


The kitchen mixer has a solid build that makes it durable, handles all mixing tasks, is easy to clean, and has a powerful motor.


It is a little heavy hence quite a task when you want to move it.

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