Matfer Bourgeat 071122 Cast Iron Crepe Pan

 Matfer Bourgeat 071122 Cast Iron Crepe Pan

Pros & Cons:
Flawless for any kind of thin batter dishes from crepes to thin omelets. Need a gentle wipe off after use and saves your cleaning time. Can be used on a variety of cook tops including induction, electric, or gas cook tops. Not a drawback but a preventive measure: Try to use only wooden spatula and scraper as their metal counterparts can damage the nonstick coating of the pan. Use a soft kitchen towel wiper to wipe off the pan after use. You can use mild detergent liquid for cleaning purposes.

Crepe is the French version of pancake, thinner pancakes. This popular breakfast delight of France is admired throughout the world. Although, its texture and taste varies from one region to other, but the preparation requires a simple nonstick flat pan often called a crepe pan. The thin batter is poured onto a hot crepe pan with a hint of butter. The batter is distributed uniformly in the form of a thin sheet over the pan either by tilting the pan or by spreading the batter with an offset spatula. Crepes can either be stuffed or topped and made more interesting using maple syrup or honey.

Making crepes is not at all tricky if you have a good quality nonstick crepe pan and an optimum-consistency batter. A standard crepe pan is like any other nonstick cookware, but you must check the nonstick coating and flatness of the pan before buying as these 2 parameters should be ideal in the way of making thinner tastier crepes.

Matfer Bourgeat 071122 Cast Iron Crepe Pan is a perfect crepe pan for making crepes, pancakes, and other thin batter dishes, for instance, thin Indian bread dosa. The pan can be used on any sort of heat source be it induction cook top, electric hob, or gas stove. The pan is out and out an ideal choice for your thin batter recipes and makes perfectly thin crepes with minimal effort from your side.

To your convenience, the pan comes with a beech-wood spatula, a spreader, and a scraper which make task a breeze. The pan is made of cast iron and has a nonstick coating which easily released the crepes once they are done. As the diameter of the pan is 11-3/4 inches, you can easily make pretty decent size of thin crepes for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Matfer Bourgeat 071122 Cast Iron Crepe Pan is just flawless in terms of nonstick coating surface, durability, and flatness. It is rugged and can be left on the cooking countertop after use or can either be stored in your kitchen compartment. All in all, a best bet to enjoy thin delightful crepes.

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