Ninja BlendMax Duo with Auto-IQ Boost (BL2013) Review

Uses the intelligent Auto-iQ programs to get smoothies, juices, and sauces at the touch of a button. They also have special pause and pulse patterns to control the consistency of what you are blending.Have you been looking for a blender that will crush your fruit along with its seeds? If you have, look no further than Ninja BlendMax Duo. Ninja is an 80-ounce total crushing blender. It will blend your fruits, seeds, vegetables, and ice into the consistency of your liking. Thanks to its Pro Extractor Blades, Ninja will completely crush everything you put into it to deliver highly nutritional juices and smoothies. And need I mention its attractive price?

Total Crushing Technology: Ninja’s Total Crushing Technology will pulverize ice giving you creamier frozen drinks. So, if you have been wondering how to make your frozen drinks creamy, Ninja is the answer.

Auto-iQ Technology: use the intelligent auto-iQ programs to get smoothies, juices, and sauces at the touch of a button. They also have special pause and pulse patterns to control the consistency of what you are blending.

Pro Extractor Blades: these blades ensure that you get all the nutrients out of your fruits and juices. They will completely break seeds, whole foods, and ice with ease.

Timer: control how long your fruits and vegetables blend with the inbuilt timer and get the consistency of your choice.

Ninja Duo with Auto-IQ Boost (BL2013) comes with (2) 24-ounce cups, (1) 18-ounce cups, an 88-ounce pitcher, and 3 spout lids. So if you only want a smoothie for one meal, you are covered. Switching between containers is easy and fast. Additionally, you can blend and carry the cup with you to work or school.

Ninja is a powerful blender featuring a 1600-Watt base which should work perfectly with your kitchen power outlets. The maximum liquid capacity of this blender is 80 ounces. All the lids, cups, and blades are dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

With dimensions of 40.5 by 21.6 by 41.8 inches and item weight of 7.6 pounds with a shipping weight if 18 pounds, the blender comes in silver and black finish. It also offers a limited 1-year warranty. The box also includes 4 containers, 3 spout lids, 1 base, and 2 blades and a 20-recipe inspiration guide, an instruction book, and a quick start guide to begin with.

Ninja BlendMax deserves 5 stars. Why? Because it crushes everything. Whether its seeds, tough fruit outer coats, or ice, Ninja crushes it all. For this reason, I have dubbed it the king of blenders. From desserts to sauces, Ninja will do it all. What’s more, it extracts every single nutrient from fruits, vegetables, and seeds which is a plus for your health. It is fast, powerful, affordable, and efficient. What more could you want? Without Ninja, your kitchen is incomplete. But Ninja today and enjoy its full benefits.


· A high-quality blender that is durable.

· Extremely powerful.

· Completely crushes ice, seeds, and whole foods while extracting all nutrients. You do not have to discard anything.

· Attractive price.

· Different settings for making desserts, frozen drinks, protein shakes, purees, smoothies, and super juices.

· Easy to use.

· Comes with a recipe and starter guide.


· It is loud.

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