Russell Hobbs RHPK4100BLK Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Set Review

Russell Hobbs RHPK4100BLK Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Set Review
Russell Hobbs RHPK4100BLK Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Set

I bet at some point in your life you did buy a salt and pepper dispenser. And then you learned the lesson…most of them are useless. Right?

For long the salt and pepper dispensers were waiting for an innovation to make them wanted again.

Over the period we have gone through many stages like handled the soggy salt in the dispenser. (calls for vigorous shaking). Then placed a few pepper rounds to make it easier to shake and dispense or used the manual mill dispenser. (Came in varied sizes). There were these pretty long ones, That your guests would look at with astonishment, Ahem…what this will be for… “Wow wow, that’s a pepper mill.”

I bet you have tried it all.

But have you tried Russell Hobbs RHPK4100BLK Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Set?

In a first time ever Russell Hobbs brings you an electric salt and pepper mill with adjustable coarseness. A set of 2 grinders this is the best way to add salt and pepper to your morning omelet (stew or pot roast) Guaranteed!

The best part is you will have the freedom to use another hand while you sprinkle the salt n pepper love on your favorite food. The set is nicely designed and looks elegant in the dining space. Bright shiny black looks like a pretty expensive novelty.

Not just that when you are ready to use …it operates with a simple push button on the top. It has a ceramic grinding system. The grinder activates on push and dispenses in the coarseness you want. That’s not all when you push the button the mill lights up and illuminates the area its been used on.

Particularly useful in badly lit areas or outdoor partying. The point to be noted that this is a mill and gives you the taste of a fresh grind.

When not in use these beauties (around 9 inches tall) can rest on specially designed coaster cum stand. This also traps any lingering pieces of salt, pepper/herbs. The mills are battery-operated and need four AAs. Surprisingly even with those, they do not feel heavy or bulky while using.

Did I mention there is a coarseness twist setting near the base of the unit? Whatever you have going…salt, pepper, herbs, or other spices you can decide how coarse or fine you want them.

Oh, and there is also a transparent space within so you know if you need to reload the mill.

So there you have it. This Russell Hobbs RHPK4100BLK Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Set is a must on your dining space.

I am guessing you want this thing right now 🙂

So how much are you ready to pay for this thing?



Or even less…?

Click here for a closer look.

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