Sharp Electronics R-21LCF Microwave Oven Review

41iXLTw8ehL1As you all know, microwaves have become a part and parcel of our lifestyle. These easy to use and easy to clean cooking and reheating appliances are the most used kitchen devices in any contemporary kitchen. From thawing to reheating to cooking, microwaves address everything.

Ok, so you can work out how efficient these microwaves are. Now, suppose you have an elder at home–your old grandmother or grandfather who are on their own. You do all your best to make sure that they are safe and sound while you are away. Often, kitchens are the riskier places especially when it comes to seniors. High-end microwaves will all types of progressive and cutting-edge features often confuse elders. And, if they deal with dexterity problems using the touch-pad often becomes trickier for them. To keep things simple and easy, there are quite a few numbers of microwaves that are made elder-friendly. They are free of any tricky touch buttons, easy to use, easy to clean and are quite a lot easier to perform the basic functions, a senior perhaps is looking for. And, Sharp Electronic R-21LCF is truly a Microwave Oven for seniors.

The best thing about the microwave is that it doesn’t have any turntable. The device completely rules out any chances of turntable getting stuck to the food plate and then shattering onto the floor as your old grandmother takes her dinner plate out of the unit. Instead of touch buttons that make an elderly get puzzled over its use, the device comes with a simple dial-control knob. The dial timer is clearly marked in 10, 15, and 30 seconds increment.

The microwave works efficiently and performs uniform heating. The device heats from beneath and the heat radiates throughout the food much better than when using a microwave with a carousel. The unit has a rugged finish and is heavy duty and can perform well even in canteens and eateries also. It can withstand rugged usage and can very well be suited for college dorm kitchens or hospital canteens.

With dimensions of 16.01 x 20.5 x 12.13 inches and weight of 36.99 lbs, the Sharp Electronic R-21LCF Microwave oven boasts heavy-duty stainless steel interiors with a chrome finish shiny handle outside. The door is operated by squeezing the handle release. Again, a big plus over a small rectangular door release if you’re buying the unit for your old loved ones. Easy to use, safe, and easy to clean unit that just needs a simple wipe off after usage. Because there’s no turntable, cleaning is many lots easier than one that comes with the turntable.

Though the unit is a bit pricey it’s worth each of the dime spent. An ideal microwave for seniors that you can’t afford to overlook. In the end, if you’re happy to trade off complexity for durability, Sharp Microwave is here for you.


  • Specially designed for elders (Dial control knob and no hassles of a turntable)
  • Solid interior and exterior finish
  • Easy grabbing door handle
  • Comes with an easy to read time guide on the front panel  with suggested cooking times for common items like bagels, popcorns, chili


The only con is the high prices of the unit, but with all the above positive features, the high price tag is justifiable.

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