Tiger Corporation PDU-A30U KY Electric Water Heater Review

Portable and convenient electric water heaters are the best option to have a continuous supply of hot steaming water whenever and wherever you want.

Pros & Cons:
Energy efficient electric water heater with easy to use LCD display. Incorporated with all modern age safety features and completely spill proof and leak proof device. Gives you the option of boiling as well dechlorinating the water with just a push of a button. Although the device is fully safe but one should be cautious while handling the device if kids are around.

Tiger Corporation PDU-A30U KY Electric Water Heater is one such electric water heater that dispenses hot water any time with just a push of a button. It makes your tea time more relaxing and rejuvenating with a quick supply of hot water that can also be used for enjoying hot cup noodles, blanching vegetables, making instant soups, and so more.

Forget the old methods of boiling water in a pan on a stove top, bring home a complete revolutionary system for an instant supply of hot water, the Tiger Corporation PDU-A30U KY Electric Water Heater . Being equipped with user-friendly LCD control panel, the water heater gives you the freedom of enjoying hot boiling water through 4 different temperature set control, 2 sleep timer settings, and a re-boil feature.

Tiger Corporation PDU-A30U KY Electric Water Heater is equipped with all the safety features like the magnetic power cord and unlock button to ensure that no accidental spills happen while the heater is under operation. The PDU by Tiger has an energy saving mode and comes in 3, 4 and 5 L capacities. The device is fully safe and secure with safety shut off feature in case of low water in the unit. The dechlorinate mode of the device removes chlorine and any stale smell from water offering you pure and odor-free water all the time.

With dimensions of 12 x 9.1 x 9.8 inches and weight of not more than 5.7 pounds, the Tiger Corporation PDU-A30U KY Electric Water Heater can be easily accommodated on the countertop or on the tabletop for convenient and quick supply of pure boiling water whenever it is needed. The elegantly designed modern age electric water heater displays the best Japanese workmanship involved in designing of the device, and the steel black finish evenly blends with any modern-age kitchen theme.

Tiger Corporation PDU-A30U KY Electric Water Heater has incorporated all the progressive features of providing hot boiling pure water through safe and secure working mode. This conveniently operable device is provided with inner nonstick boiling container and detachable upper lid for easy cleaning and trouble-free working. The device completely rules out any possibilities of accidental burn or surface damage that can happen in watch pot boiling, thanks to the spill proof technology. The water heater provides instant supply of hot boiling water any time of the day for enjoying tea, coffee, hot cup noodles, or heating late night baby water bottle. Just pour cold water till the max level of the inner container and piping hot water is yours at a moment’s notice.

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