Vitamix Commercial 64-Oz Drink Machine Review

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Put the quickest barista to shame with Vitamix commercial 64-Oz drink machine. Make smoothies, soups or dense acai bowls without a fret. Bring the 62oz high-impact blender to effortlessly whip up large batches of favorite drinks or single servings as you like it. The durable stainless steel blade lasts long and is designed for frequent use. Add to that the 2.3 HP motor that provides enough power to process ice or most tricky produce.

Also included is must have tamper for any professional chef. Make drink quality non negotiable for your bustling restaurant or local cafe. The strength of commercial grade blender meets simplicity with two speeds and on off switch. The controls are designed intuitively for demanding environment minimizing training time.

Vitamix commercial 64-Oz drink machine measures 9 x 8 x 20.3 inches and weighs 12.2 pounds. Its currently rated 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

In short the the Vitamix 062828 Drink Machine Two-Speed blender is a heavy duty machine and is fast and powerfull than many commercial blenders our there. You will notice the smoothness of drinks immediately. Its upto three times faster and five times more powerful. You can crush 2 liters of cubed ice within 3 seconds with this mean machine. So now you homogenize, just blend, a little or a lot.

With the specially designed container ingredients automatically pull inwards into blades thereby maximizing efficiency.

Also worth mentioning the rubber lid has got a removable plug to add any ingredients without a mess while you blend.

Vitamix commercial 64-Oz drink machine has a metal-to-metal driver contact that ensures durability. Not just that the drive and blade are both easily replaceable by the user.

Oh and did I mention you also have noise reduction refinements and a thermally protected motor. Also when you are all done cleaning this baby is super easy. So if you are looking at bringing an ultimate helping hand in your kitchen, busy bar or shop you know what to do.

Get your Vitamix 062828 Drink Machine.

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