Waring Commercial WDF1000 120-volt Review

Fried food is a delicacy all over the world. If you are a fried food enthusiast yourself you know that frying food is a lot of guess work if done in traditional ways of pan and stove.

Pros & Cons:
The machine hardly has any shortcoming but always ensure safety measures for these appliances like not overfilling with oil, putting frozen food without thawing etc. Always use the hooks to drip the oil from the basket before transferring it another utensil.

For your fried food to be crunchy and not absorb a lot of oil it is necessary to maintain the temperature of oil while frying and easy way to take out the fried item when they are well done. Waring Commercial WDF1000 is a 120 volt heavy duty single electric deep fryer that solves all your problems once and for all to get your fries ready in clean, easy and restaurant grade cooking style.

Waring Commercial WDF1000 is built to last and you can make it out from the sheer look of it. Its rugged with stainless steel built and hinged heating element with temperature control and timer. This machine makes frying food a breeze as it can be easily placed on a table top and baskets with long handle allow you cook endless supply of fries for yourself or a get together or a party.

Waring Commercial WDF-100 comes with 10 pound capacity and includes two twin baskets and a large single basket allowing you to flexibly choose options of cooking different items or if need be in larger quantities as you like. Variable temperature control is accurate and dependable with a 30 minute timer to allow you a stress free cooking without any guesswork. This machine allows you temperature control of up to 390 degree Fahrenheit.

The removable steel tank is a big plus and provides easy cleaning. The dimensions are 12 inch X 13 inch X 17 inch (Length X Width X Depth). Controls are easy, pour the oil, set the temperature- After the desired temperature is reached power light turns green. Time to put the items you want to fry into the fryer and set the timer. A timer ring informs time set elapsed and you can check if your food is fried the way you want. The device is protected by thermostat overload protection. That is if the unit heats up above a temperature limit it automatically turns off.

Waring Commercial WDF-100 is heavy duty kitchen equipment and is a must if you are a “fried food” enthusiast. This machine makes it easy to fry even for bigger get together and parties. The machine is easy to set up, Cook and clean what more do you want? The unit even has a night cover which comes in handy when the machine is not in use or kept overnight.

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