Waring Commercial WDF1500B Heavy-Duty Single Electric Deep Fryer Review

Fried food is everyone’s favorite. Folks love to snack on fries, fried chicken nuggets, potato wedges and so on. While the list of fried goodies is endless, the hassles associated with traditional methods of frying are also not less. First of all it takes quite a lot of time and effort to perfectly fry any sort of food items in a wok or pan on stovetop. Secondly, many a time a little carelessness can cause the hot oil to splatter out of the pan and can cause accidental burns.


Pros & Cons:
The deep fryer is safe to use as the frying baskets are provided with cool-touch fiber handles. To keep things extra safe, the fryer comes with a night cover that you can use to cover the frying bucket once your are done with all the frying. Beside all these wonderful features, the box also includes 2 twin baskets and one large single basket of stainless steel along with the main unit. Not a con but the 15 pound frying capacity makes this fryer ideal for commercial usage or where one has to cook extra large amount of food, not ideally suitable for cooking small amounts as it wastes a lot of oil.

So, to avoid all these limitations and to let you enjoy the delectable taste of crispier fries and other irresistible goodies, Waring Commercial has come up with its WEF1500B 208 volt Heavy Duty Single Eletctric Deep Fryer.

The single electric deep fryer boasts the feature of hinged heating element for quick and even heating of the oil resulting in evenly fried crispy edges and succulent centers. The device does feature a 30-minute timer and variable temperature control with a maximum limit of up to 390 degrees F.

The device gives you ultimate control on your frying and allows you to enjoy quick, easy, and safe frying experience. The extra large 15 pound frying capacity makes the device ideal for social get-together, parties, and can be commercially used for cooking large amounts of food in a single batch.

With dimensions of 18.5 x 14.2 x 12 inches and weight of not more than 21.9 pounds, the fryer can be easily accommodated on the countertop for convenient usage. Often frying in a pan causes a lot of cleaning work afterwards, but with Waring Commercial Deep Fryer at your service, cleaning is breeze. The detachable stainless steel frying tank can be easily washed and dried once you are done with all your cooking.

According to me, the fryer has all the essential features and elements that a fried food enthusiast or a lover needs to cook his or her munchies and for all those who fancy the idea of having restaurant-style fries, nuggets, wedges, fish fingers at home. All in all, one of the best air fryer by Waring Commercial, a brand known for making durable, long lasting, solidly built yet stylish and ultramodern domestic as well as commercial kitchen appliances.

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