Waring Pro Digital Rotisserie Turkey Fryer TF250 Review

Waring Pro Digital Rotisserie Turkey Fryer TF250 Review
Rotisserie Turkey fryer TF250 for Fried Goodies

Have you ever imagined of frying a turkey on a Rotisserie and steaming various food items in your deep fryer?

So, for all those who love fried goodies and love eating fried turkey and chicken cooked on a rotisserie with least absorption of oil and with all the juices of the poultry intact, Waring Pro Digital Rotisserie Turkey fryer TF250 is here to fulfill your desires.

The state of the art extra large digital rotisserie fryer is the best bet for the upcoming thanksgiving. The bird cooks just perfect with crispier edges and succulent melt-in-the-mouth interiors on the rotisserie that gives quicker results with minimum absorption of oil.

Besides frying a turkey on a rotisserie the device can also be used as a deep fryer as well as a steamer. All you need is to just remove the rotisserie to convert your rotisserie fryer into a deep fryer. If you want to use it as a steamer, replace oil with water, and the device is ready for steaming purpose.

With dimensions of 23.5 x 20.4 x 20.1 inches and weight of not more than 25 pounds, the device is sturdy yet sleek and stylish in appearance. Interestingly, the frying bucket is holed solidly built bucket instead of a wired one. Easy to read digital display shows both temperature and the timer settings, and touch button control panel make things even easier.

Waring pro Rotisserie Turkey fryer is the fryer that really amazes me because of its versatility and the efficiency of cooking approximately 18 lb of full turkey in just half an hour and that too with extra soft interiors and crispy exteriors. Besides this, the fryer can deep fry a good amount of fries, wedges, nuggets and other goodies in a spacious holed frying bucket after removing the rotisserie. Similarly, it steams up a bowl full of veggies or even meat and fish when it works as a steamer. 99-minute countdown timer and precise temperature setting make it a hassle-free rotisserie fryer, a deep fryer, and a steamer.

Pros & Cons:
Easy to use and easy to clean rotisserie fryer that also works as a deep fryer and a steamer. Digital time and temperature display. Precise thermometer sets optimum temperature for frying. Heavy duty stainless steel frying bucket and a rotisserie. Night cover with cool-touch fiber knob. Rotisseries uses 1/3 less oil than traditional cooking. The only glitch is that the fryer uses up to 2 gallons of oil for deep frying, therefore only ideal when you are frying for a crowd, not ideally suitable for cooking for 1 to 2 people if you don’t really like the idea of reusing the oil.

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