Wisco (412-8-NCT) Closed Wire Pizza Oven Review

Baking devices like bread machines, ovens, and microwave ovens are designed to bake breads and/or cakes, pies, tarts, and to cook or bake various other fresh or frozen food items.

Wisco (412-8-NCT) Closed Wire Pizza Oven

An oven that is specifically designed to bake pizza is rare to find, so if are you a pizza lover and want to make your frozen pizza as gourmet as wood fire…Wisco closed wire pizza oven can become your ultimate pal. via Amazon

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Especially designed to cook restaurant styled pizzas at home, the device is ideally for commercial purposes but can be utilized for domestic needs as well. The oven bakes 12 inch original crust frozen pizzas flawlessly with ease.

Key Features:
Mechanical 15 minute timer and closed wire heating elements provide extra durability and safe usage. The oven offers a preset temperature of up to 527 degrees F and cooks an average sized 12 inch pizza in just 10 to 12 minutes. Detachable clean out tray makes cleaning easier while the flip up handle design offers neat and easy storage.

Besides baking pizzas, the oven cooks everything from French fries to apple pies to egg rolls and other oil-free food products. It heats up from top and bottom and gives evenly cooked crispy result each time without fail.

With dimensions of 18 x 15 x 7.8 inches and weight of not more than 18 pounds, the oven boasts 22 gauge brushed 430 stainless steel housing and grill front. The interiors and other parts of the device are made of corrosion resistant aluminized steel.

Made in USA, Wisco closed wire pizza oven is an ultimate tool for eateries and restaurants that have pizzas in their menus. Besides this, this easy to use and easy to clean device definitely is a must in the home kitchens of cooking enthusiasts and food lovers especially those who fancy the idea of having restaurant style pizzas exclusively made at home.

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