Yamato DX-402C DX Series High Temperature Gravity Convection Oven Review

Yamato Scientific is a renowned Japanese brand of manufacturing high-quality products and services for laboratories all over the world. Known for its latest innovation and technological advancements, Yamato Scientific is widely acclaimed in the scientific fraternity. With over 50 segments, covering 400 products that are manufactured under strict ISO quality control guidelines, Yamato has established a worldwide presence to serve customers in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Yamato DX-402C DX Series High Temperature Gravity Convection Oven

Yamato Scientific America, a supplemental branch of Yamato Scientific Company Ltd. meets the company’s prospective of capturing the new overseas business and establishing the company as a market leader in the global market arena. via Amazon

Yamato’s products range include ovens, incubators, water baths, water purifiers, muffle furnaces, spray dryers, rotary evaporators, and a wide range of other items required for universities, R and D laboratories, hospitals, and medical facilities. Yamato believes in developing high-class products with cutting-edge technology to benefit the mankind through the hands of science and technologies.

Yamato DX-402C is the product of Yamato’s High Temperature Gravity Convection Oven Series. All the ovens of the series weather it is DX302C, DX402C, or DX602C work on a uniform circulation method of natural convection. While DX302 and 402 operate from 40 to 300 degrees C, the DX602 model’s operating temperature range is 40 to 280 degrees C, at no load and an ambient temperature of 23 degrees C.

The maximum temperature reaching time also varies. It is 45 min in DX302C, 60 min in DX402C, and approximately 80 min in DX602C. The interior material of all the 3 ovens of the series is Type 304 Stainless steel while the exterior material is cold rolled steel plate with melamine resin baking finish. PID temperature controller, temperature setting by up and down arrow keys, and measurement temperature with the aid of red and green LED digital display offer smooth working experience.

Yamato DX-402C DX Series High Temperature Gravity Convection Oven
The device offers safe and secure operations with safety countermeasures of temperature sensor error, temperature input circuit error, Auto overheat prevention, measured temperature error, Circuit breaker, Hydraulic stand-alone overheat prevention. Fixed temperature operation, program operation, Auto start, Auto stop, Quick Auto stop aid in smooth handling and convenient operation.

With internal dimensions of 450 x 410 x 400, the device boasts 74 L of internal capacity and weighs approximately 38 kg. The device does come with 2 pieces of Stainless steel standard load shelf plates and 4 shelf brackets to work with. The safety measured enriched Yamato DX series products are highly durable and easy to work with and make your working experience a fun ride with quick and efficient convection heating and drying. All in all, Yamato DX402C is one of the best known high temperature natural convection scientific ovens.

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