GEFU Presco Lemon Juicer Review

 GEFU Presco Lemon Juicer ReviewUsing a spoon or 2 of lemon juice can make certain dishes really tasty. The fresh smell of citrus fruits and the tanginess associated with the extracted pulp and juice can add extra zing to the dish.

Pros & Cons:
Best lemon squeezing juicer for taking out juice as and when you require. Handy and durable. The device can also be used with lime and oranges for quick results. Though the device is dishwasher safe, manual hand wash is recommended for best results.

Squeezing the lemon through hands often gets uninteresting and leads to unnecessary mess of sticky hands while preparing a dish. What if you have a lemon squeezer for taking out the juice and directly pouring it in your dish as required? Well…don’t get surprised, as GEFU Presco Lemon Juicer is here to take the squeezing and juicing job in its hand and letting you prepare your dish without any mess and hassle.

The device is a small elongated stainless steel manual squeezer. You can easily screw it in the lemon and enjoy the unusual juicing feature of the device. It squeezes the juice in a jiffy and let you easily pour it in your dish.

Not only lemon, GEFU Presco Lemon Juicer juicer can also be used for squeezing juices from a variety of citrus fruits including sweet lime, lime, and even oranges. It works great and keeps the seeds from falling into the juice.

It is a tiny little lemon juicer with dimensions of 1.7 x 3.2 x 7.5 inches and a shipping of weight of just 1 pound. The device is handy and makes a best kitchen tool for any culinary expert or enthusiast. Though small in size, the GEFU Presco Lemon Juicer is durable enough with brushed stainless steel exteriors and polished stainless interiors.

I love GEFU Presco Lemon Juicer for juicing when small amounts of juice are needed for the recipe. It is very handy and can be used without any difficulty, and in no time it gives enough juice of up to 2 teaspoons depending on the size and juice content of the lemon. Easy dishwasher safe cleaning makes it an all time favorite handy kitchen tool. All in all, a best add-on item to be added if you are ordering anything over $35 through

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