Jamba Appliances Citrus Juicer (66430) Review

Jamba appliance citrus juicer is a manual heavy duty cold press juicer. Citrus juice is an ultimate health drink with advantages of highest nutrients per calorie. It can juice lemons, oranges; grapes etc. with a lever pull action. This is just like cold press action and has several advantages.

Jamba Appliances Citrus Juicer (66430)
The Jamba appliance citrus juicer is constructed with heavy duty metal to work for extracting maximum juice every fruit and has lifelong durability with minimum wear and tear. A fruit like an orange is supposed to be cut into halves and placed into the reamer peel upside. The stainless steel reamer holds the citrus securely to and filters out the seeds and pulp when pressed. The Jamba appliance citrus juicer machine is extremely easy to operate and comes with an ergonomic handle with an easy grip. The press machine has a heavy base to making it firm to stand and stable to operate.

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The Jamba appliance citrus juicer is an ultimate solution for frequent juicing at home or commercial establishments who care for their family members or clientele. The manual lever action works to bring in high force compress action on juicing devoid of “burn” or crushing of seeds seen in normal mixer grinder juicing. This also retains the nutrients well and needs no electricity to operate. The manual compress action is gentle and not labor intensive. One can easily operate the machine without much effort bringing in the goodness of great fresh citrus juice every time. If you are health conscious and want to have best advantages of “cold press” press juicing Jamba appliance citrus juicer is the best you can get. It is very simple to use, stable and durable to last lifelong. The best part is that it has no electronic parts, minimum parts that wear out and works without electricity. This means the machine shall have no breakdown and minimum wear and tear. The Jamba appliance citrus juicer is a great solution to enjoy pure citrus juice with their nutritional value retained. Now what are you waiting for get a Jamba appliance citrus juicer now and get the pat from all the loving family members and your great clientele.

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