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Here comes the Holidays!….During festive season and celebrations, we get too busy entertaining guests that we often forget kids. So, why not try something creative during these holidays and get your kids involved with the festive spirit of the season. Be a little creative and take a plunge into the river of imagination, and you will come out with a list of kids’ friendly games, theme parties, and a bunch of other creative activities that children would love to enjoy.

Why not try doing some craft work, for instance, paper art, origami, or even a clay dough art to keep the kids busy while you enjoy your party with family and friends. Making clay models is a pretty recent idea of exploring the creative skills of a child. Children love making shapes and creatures with smooth textured play dough, and through this they can even learn the use of hands and fingers and explore their artistic skills.

You can get the play dough from your nearby store, but it is always good to make things at home. You can involve your kids in the preparation of home-made play dough and can spend some quality time with your kids while mixing the substances, choosing the meal colourings, and then developing various creatures, animals, birds, and shapes from the resulting dough.

To make play dough at home you just need a few ingredients readily available in your kitchen at any time:

What you require is a cup of plain flour, a cup of hot boiling water, 1 tablespoon of any type of vegetable oil, 2 tsp of cream of tartar, 1/2 cup of salt, and some food color. To begin making the dough take all the dry ingredients in a bowl, give it a dry stir. Now add vegetable oil and few drops of food color of your choice. Then add the hot water and mix till well combined to form a soft dough. Let the dough cool down. You can even knead some glitter in the dough to give the dough a shine. This will make the play dough more appealing to the kids, and they would be more than eager to try their hands on the sparkling shiny play dough you have just made.

You can store the dough in any empty plastic ice cream tub or in any airtight container.  Play dough wither easily with time, no matter, if it is store bought or home made, but making the dough at home is certainly a cost-effective approach rather than buying it from market.


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