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Vegetarian Soup Dish: This is a spectacular fatty tissue burning veggie soup recipe. This low calorie vegetarian soup dish will help you loosened weight and is quite healthy.You could add even more veggies like cabbage, bell peppers, corns. to make variations in this recipe.This soup is the simplest means to eat all your veggies. If you add some steamed pasta to this soup it can be your complete meal.


Sliced Garlic: 1 large clove,
Cut red onion: 1/4 cup,
Cut celery: 1/4 cup,
Diced tofu: 1/4 cup,
Cut carrots: 1/2 cup,
Cut mushrooms: 1/2 cup,
Sliced broccoli: 1 cup,
Vegetable stock: 4 cups,
Salt, pepper powder,oil


Heat a little oil in a pan.
Add finely chopped onion and garlic and saute it for just a couple of seconds.
Now include chopped celery and carrots, saute it for a few minutes.
Now add chopped broccoli and cook it for a while, say for a minute.
Add chopped mushrooms, mix everything properly, add vegetable stock, and allow the broth to boil.
Now add a pinch of salt, black pepper, and boil the soup for a few minutes.
Finally add diced tofu and let the soup boil for 2 more minutes.
Your clear vegetable soup is ready to be enjoyed.


1. Veggies like bell pepper and beans can also be used in the soup for slight variation in taste. For enjoying a cereal veggie delight, you can also use corns or even boiled pasta or spaghetti to enjoy it as a meal or snack.
2. It is recommended not to boil the soup for a long time else veggies will get overcooked and will lose their original texture and flavor.
3. Avoid adding much salt as stock already have salt in it and even a pinch of extra salt can ruin the taste of the soup.
4. To add spice to your soupy delight, you can add chilly flakes or black pepper powder in the soup just before serving.

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