Creamy Chicken Pasta Recipe

Making and enjoying delicious chicken pasta would be a weekend delight for many of us. The dish is relatively inexpensive, usually quick and easy to prepare and offers a flavorful meal for a Sunday brunch. But most of the times, we just follow the routine preparation of the dish and end up making a same kind of meal each weekend because we just don’t have enough time and imagination to experiment with ingredients and invent something innovative each time. familyfriendlyfatburningmeals

Chicken pasta not only tastes good but a fulfilling meal for yourself and your family, so why not try out some new recipes to serve pasta with chicken in a completely different way. Here, it is good to point out that we are just trying something new keeping the convenience and ease of preparation of the dish in mind.

The basic ingredients of this dish are, as the name suggests, chicken and your choice of pasta. It is really simple to mix these 2 ingredients together with a dash of herbs and seasonings, and a delicious and healthy combination of carbohydrates and proteins is ready to delight you.

Although the dish is quite simple, but there are many ways to combine the 2 basic ingredients. No matter whether you want to enjoy a salad, any sort of meal, or a dish made for any special occasion, pasta and chicken can do it all. So, just get your basic ingredients ready and explore the endless possibilities of serving the dish with versatility with a variety of flavors. Though you can dive deep into the ocean of creativity and do the magic with your own imagination, you can have a look at a few preparations to begin with:

Chicken pasta salad is a quick and easy lunch recipe. Marinate your chicken cubes in sea salt and crushed pepper and keep aside for half an hour. Boil your favorite pasta in salted water with a dash of olive oil. Fry the chicken cubes in a teaspoon of olive and garlic till done. Drain the pasta and pour some cold water onto it, keep aside. Now combine the chicken and pasta, and finish off with chives and mayonnaise.

The taste of dish can be enhanced with the use of sauce which can compliment both the basic ingredients of the dish. You can use any pasta sauce of your choice from the grocery store, but a typical homemade tomato sauce would compliment the dish like anything, and the taste that comes out with the combination of seasoned chicken pasta with basil tomato sauce is incomparable. You can additionally add parsley and chopped onions into the sauce medium for extra richness and flavor enhancement.

One more traditional Italian dish to enjoy with chicken pasta is Pesto. Pesto is made by combining pine nuts and basil in olive oil. Though if you are making pesto for the first time, you might take some time to develop a taste for it, but believe me it is an excellent low-fat addition to your daily meal plan. You can either get it from the market in a jar or can try making your pesto at home. When you serve the pesto with your pasta combo, the resultant meal would be a flavorful dish, and the aroma of the dish would be mesmerizing as well as appetizing in such a way that your guests or family members can’t resist themselves getting onto the dining table.


Besides seasoning and sauces, you can make use of one more addictive ingredient from Italy and that is cheese. Grate a slab of your favorite hard cheese. Cook the chicken and pasta separately. Combine all the three ingredients, the pasta, chicken, and the grated cheese, and bake it in an oven till the cheese melts and coats the chicken and pasta. Flavor of this baked chicken pasta can’t be explained in words. It’s heavenly.

If you are a fitness freak or a health conscious individual, you can enhance the flavor of your chicken pasta with broccoli or leeks. This combination works really well and offers a flavorful healthy treat. Mix pasta with garlic and grilled chicken and toss it with broccoli in a small amount of olive oil.

You can eat chicken and pasta in several other ways. All of these dishes can be innovated in several different ways using various herbs, seasonings, uses of vegetables, use of different types of cheese, as well as sauces. All you need to do is to keep on experimenting with ingredients in your kitchen each time, and you will be amazed to invent an entirely new dish each time with the 2 basic ingredients that are chicken and pasta.

Hopefully, these few simple suggestions have been helpful and will keep your chicken pasta a reliable dish for your family meals and social gatherings.

Enjoy! Happy Eating 🙂

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