Cuisinart AFR-25 Air Fryer Review

Cuisinart AFR-25 Air Fryer Review

Who doesn’t like munchies and fries? But it’s not always healthy to munch on fried foods, especially
when it’s deep fried. Is there any better way to cook fries, fritters, and wings? A magical appliance that could make these goodies without oil…

Yes, with the invention of air-fryers everything is possible. Now you can make these goodies right in your kitchen and without excessive consumption of oil.

Cuisinart AFR-25 Air Fryer is one such air-fryer that makes life easy. Good news for lovers of fried food. Now, you don’t have to worry about the excess calorie intake in the form of fat.
This 1800-watts appliance not only air fries but comes with a built-in function of a convection oven, broiler, warmer, and a toaster. Isn’t it impressive or what? Not only this, the state-of-the-art engineered motor fan and heater of the device ensure power cooking for perfect frying and cooking.

The most surprising fact about Cuisinart AFR-25 Air Fryer is its quiet cooking operations. It works like a powerhouse yet makes no noise. Can’t believe, go ahead and bring this device home and you’ll be amazed by what a quiet powerhouse this is.

Robust brushed stainless-steel construction easily blends with any sort of kitchen theme. Non-stick interiors and stainless-steel exterior make cleaning a breeze.

With dimensions of 12 x 11.75 x 11.5 and a weight of no more than 16 lbs, the device sits easily on the top of your kitchen counter. 0.6 cubic foot cooking cavity with internal light makes cooking an easy and a fun ride. It has pretty big cooking space that air fries 3 lbs of food, toasts 6 slices of bread in a go, bakes up to 4lbs of chicken or a 12-inch pizza. For customer’s delight, the unit comes with an oven rack, a baking pan, and a solidly built AirFry basket.

All in all, Cuisinart AFR-25 Air Fryer is the center of all my cooking needs. It’s a microwave that reheats food with ease. It’s a convection oven that bakes goodies like cakes and cookies without cold spots or burnt centers. It’s a broiler, a warmer, and a toaster. And above all, it’s an Air Fryer.

Pros: High cooking power of 1800 watts. Performs 5 different types of cooking functions. Air-frying, convection broiling, convection baking, warming, and toasting. Also worth mentioning comes with an Adjustable thermostat. Toast shade selector timer with 60-minute timer/auto shutoff. Compact yet solidly built. Huge cooking space but occupies minimal space on your countertop and gives you whisper quiet cooking operations.

Cons: There is some issue with opening the door of the device. The handle obstructs the door to open
smoothly. This causes a little difficulty in taking the air fryer basket out of the unit. A little hit and miss is needed to overcome this … But, the device’s various other impressive features overpower this minor flaw and don’t affect the overall rating of the device.

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