Easy and Healthy Dessert Recipes, Sugar Substitute Desserts, Sugarless Sugarfree Dessert Treats

All of us love desserts, and sweet treats are everyone’s favorite. But if you are on a weight loss regime or willing to jump start a long-term weight loss plan in the near future, you should limit your calorie intake by keeping yourself away from these sweet desires as desserts are typically known to be a prime source of fat, sweets, and calories.

Now…suppose I tell you that you can concentrate on your health and fitness and also delight in the bite of desserts at the very same time? You would be more than amazed and the next thing come to your mind would be “How”. Well….yes, it is quite feasible. You can always explore the possibilities of making some healthy and balanced dessert recipes in your own kitchen and enjoying them while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

There are a variety of healthy dessert dishes that can be delightfully tasty as well as healthy too and would not interfere in maintaining a healthy and balanced living in any way. These dessert dishes are actually prepared using the sweetness of fruits, fruit syrups and concentrates, honey, and some organic forms of sugar like jaggery, molasses, or brown sugar.

So, today we will discuss some healthy and balanced dessert recipes that you would love to indulge on without any feeling of guilt or compromise from your wellness schedule. Following are some of the ideas that a person ought to attempt, though there are several resources including online and book publications that a person might utilize to enjoy delectable dessert treats even being on a diet plan.

1. Yoghurt and Fruit Parfait: This is the tastiest and also healthiest dessert treat options to enjoy the subtle taste of yoghurt mixed with your favorite fruits, layered with granola, and fresh berries, and topped with fresh cherries, berries, and digestive biscuits. It doesn’t have any extra calories that a typical parfait has, yet this fruity surprise is equally delicious and also gratifying. The combo of natural yogurt and fruits is always well balanced and healthy, and you could add any of your favorite fruits to double the pleasure.

2. Frozen yoghurt: All of us prefer to have frozen natural yogurt with garnishes. You can easily found low-fat flavored yoghurt in your nearby grocery and wellness store. Although, there are options of sugarless ice creams in the market, but if you are pursuing healthy desserts, then you have to find out to make ice cream in the house. Making ice cream is probably the simplest factor one could do in the kitchen. All you need to do is to just choose your favorite flavored fat-less yogurt and keep it inside the freezer. This will certainly provide you a fresh, homemade, yoghurt ice.

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