Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector Review

Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector Review
Fisher Gold Bug : The Best Entry Level Gold Detector There is!

Fancy finding those “mother load” gold nuggets? Then any metal detector won’t do what you need is the Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector. Why because it works in those tough ground conditions. Gold prospecting with a good metal detector is real fun. No wonder it’s a favorite pastime with young and old alike.

Fun & Lucrative Pastime?

How about doing something that’s fun and lucrative too? Well once you are “in” you won’t stop thinking about your next biggest find.

Now there is a difference in searching for coins and relics and prospecting for gold. I don’t know why you would search for coins and relics instead of gold. But then if you do…nothing against you 🙂

Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector In Use
Best Ergonomic Design

Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector is awesome for hunting gold nuggets. The point you need to understand though is if you are just after coins and relics any metal detector would do. But prospecting for gold takes things to a whole new level.

Most of the metal detectors can’t survive the tough environments where gold is located. The last thing you want is your metal detector going silent when you are standing right there ready to hunt!

What to look for in a Gold Metal Detector?

So what should you look for when buying a great metal/gold detector? How do you choose from so many varieties available? I can go on and on about that…or you could just buy the Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector.

Now, wait before you start complaining “I was expecting more from this review” I will cover the key factors.

The first question is what’s your budget? Gold detectors are costlier particularly if you need the pulse induction model. And what decides your budget? You could go spend $10,000 on a high-end minilab but mark my words “sometimes the cheaper models are as effective”. The environment you are working in greatly decides what you should budget for real success in gold hunting.

What to avoid…

One of the most important things you should know is to avoid low-frequency VLF machines (<15KHz) as you will struggle to find smaller old nuggets. Blame it on low sensitivity when you need it the most.


Gold is often found within soil containing high levels of mineralization. (Lot of non-gold metal traces) This can cause a lot of chatter when using normal metal detectors. (Not with Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector.) Needless to say you a good gold nugget detector like Fischer’s filters or ignores this chatter completely.

Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector Panel

The other aspect is the ability to manually adjust the ground balance. Tough locations are demanding and you don’t want to miss things out for the lack of ground balance.

Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector is an ALL-ROUNDER

That said always take the bigger picture into account. Ultimately why you buy the Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector is more than “one” thing. Think of all the things that come to play depending on what and where you are prospecting. Mineralization, depth, amount of trash, depth, and size of average nugget all affect your choice.

If this is your first gold metal detector an entry-level model like the Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector is the ultimate choice. It’s one of the cheapest and most reliable gold detector you can find.

Here are the things common with any Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector. These are the features of standard Gold Bug Fischer’s entry-level model.

  • 5-year warranty (Changes time to time with different models)
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Waterproof coil
  • 1/4 and 1/8 inch headphone jacks – comes in lightest weight / best ergonomics
  • Allows 2 search modes: All-metal and discriminate
  • Comes with a large LCD screen
  • 0-99 numeric target identification
  • 2 Tone VCO – Gives you large target alert, depth readout and running signal indicator
  • No motion pinpoint
  • Computer-assisted ground grab and balance
  • Continuous ground phase
  • Mineralization readout

The Fisher Gold Bug is equipped with 5″ search coil. It is known to get into hard to detect areas and locate more gold missed by others.

There are options to use a larger search coil for maximizing depth. All in all Gold bug provides you with an effective option to hunt gold when working with high mineralization, plenty of trash. Now you can target IDs and ignore targets you don’t want to dig. The Gold bug pro is the updated version of the previous gold bug. The most important addition is the manual ground balance.

There are four variants of Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector

  • GoldBug
Fisher Gold Bug
  • GoldBug-DP
Fisher Gold Bug - DP
  • GoldBug-Pro
Fisher Gold Bug - Pro
  • GoldBug-ProCCMB

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