Healthy Meal Prep Containers, by LIFT, Review

It’s good to try some meal prepping ideas if you keep busy for the whole week. Meal prepping is when you plan and store your meal in advance for upcoming days or weeks. Meal prepping could be fun and becomes easier if you have reusuable, washable, microwaveable, dishwasher safe storage containers.


Pros & Cons:
The pack does come with LIST’s exclusive meal prepping e book helping you with meal prep tips and recipes to begin with. The containers easily store macro portions throughout the entire meal prep diet, however a little more thickness of the boxes could help them accommodate some more food.

Healthy Meal Prep Containers by LIFT are just apt for your healthy weekly meal planning. The Easy Clean Live Lean LIFT meal prep containers come in a package of 7 stackable easy to close air tight food storage boxes to keep your meal preps more interesting and easier.

All the storage boxes are equipped with snap on closure to prevent air leaks and keep the content air tight for longer storage. The storage boxes are more durable as compared to storage bags and storage containers of various other brands.

The containers are 100% BPA free and CFC safe and made of high quality FDA approved, eco-friendly virgin polypropylene. The storage boxes are not only microwaveable but are freezer safe as well and can be easily washed on the upper rack of the dishwasher, so you don’t have to worry much about the cleaning process.

All 7 boxes of the package have with inner dimensions of 8 inch x 5-1/2 inch with lid about 2-1/4 inch to store various food items from fresh fruits to nuts and from dry dishes to semi dry to gravies.

Meal prep containers give you the freedom of planning and storing your meal for the upcoming days or weeks in advance. High quality, reusable storage boxes even provide you with the luxury of having your own food on the go.

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