Dash Clear View Toaster Review


Pros & Cons:
Pros - Does what it says, great innovation and design Cons - Body finish may be improved

Why everyone like Dash Clear View Toaster? Hot well done toast with spread of my choice is what gets me going in the morning breakfast. Some days I like them done in between to test out different types of spread and some days really crisp to have butter melt in them. So there you go everyone has their own level of browning preferences when it comes to toast. Of all the issues toasting enthusiasts face browning levels being the top one everyone would love to see as there toast browns up in the toaster. Think about that while having a great conversation with family and friends you not just adjust the browning levels for the liking of Sally who likes it slightly brown to Macy who likes it little over the side of medium brown…and not just that you also enjoy a nice clear view of the toast as it is getting ready.

Welcome to the world of Dash clear view toaster which has 7 different browning levels to take care of everyone’s browning level preferences in the family. Now making that perfect toast for you or your family is easy and enjoyable too. The slots are kept extra-long to allow you to toast different pastries and baked goods of your choice if need be. The most important part is that the Dash clear view toaster gives you an awesome view of your toast while it’s browning. Dash clear view toaster DVTS501GY comes with one touch defrost, bagel and reheating options.

Dash clear view toaster DVTS501GY is good and easy on cleaning too. It comes with a slide out crumb tray making it easy to clean up. Not just that it has the auto shut off feature that’s great for safety. The unit operates at 1,100 watts giving you enough power to toast breads of your choice.

The Dash clear view toaster DVTS501GY comes with 4 slots and the body is made up of brushed stainless steel. The best part is that the attachments are dish water safe. The unit measures 16" L x 5-4/5" W x 8" H and its built to North American Electrical Standards and is designed for use in USA and Canada. The unit comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty a recipe book and includes a growing number of recipes.

All in all the Dash clear view toaster DVTS501GY is a highly recommended toaster. Particularly if you have struggled with browning it right. This machine gives you all the possibilities at your finger tips including a cancel button if you just want to trust your eyes, Dash clear view toaster DVTS501GY really makes it easy and a lot of fun.

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