Cuisinart TOB-200 Rotisserie Convection Toaster Oven Review

Multifunctional devices are ruling over the entire small kitchen appliance market. They have captured a great market share from the appliances that are designed for performing a single specific task.


Pros & Cons:
Generous cooking capacity. 12 cooking functions including toaster, oven, and rotisserie. Durable stainless steel finish for rugged use. User-friendly interface and digital display for smooth operations. Always even toast shade control and exact heat sensor for apt and quick results. Not exactly a con, but it would be nicer if the accompanying user manual has more tips and recipes related to cooking.

Notably, among all multifunctional small kitchen appliances, toaster ovens with additional features of broiler, rotisserie, steamer, and so on are hot favorite among domestic users and are selling like hot cakes. Cuisinart TOB-200 Rotisserie Convection Toaster Oven is one such multifunctional kitchen device that has inbuilt features of a toaster, an oven, and a rotisserie.

The oven is designed keeping the compactness and aesthetics in mind. Stainless steel appearance and electronic display with smart hassle-free touch buttons make the device simple and easy to work with. Baking and toasting are the 2 main functions of the oven. The oven bakes food quickly and uniformly with no hot spots, thanks to the fan-assisted convection heating technology. As far as toasting is concerned, the oven toasts bread slices as well as bagels, and boasts the feature of always even toast shade control.

Additional functions that the device offers are broiling, roasting, cooking the frozen pizza, and reheating the leftovers. The exact heat sensor of the device maintains optimum temperature throughout the cooking cycle resulting in quick and evenly cooked produce. 0.75 cubic feet cooking capacity easily fits a 12 inch pizza and toasts up to 6 slices of bread in a go. The toaster oven is provided with strong feet that adhere firmly to the surface so your kitchen countertop or tabletop wouldn’t be in direct contact with the bottom surface of the oven that prevents any damage or overheating of the surface below. The sides and top of the oven remain cool-to-touch even when the cooking is under progress. The front glass door gets slightly hot but not hot enough to cause accidental burns. Overall, the oven offers smooth and safe operations.

With dimensions of 19 x 15 x 12 inches and weight of not more than 25 pounds, the device is ideal for countertop placement. Being compact and designed aesthetically, the stainless steel exteriors blend easily with any sort of modern-age smart kitchen theme. Stainless steel interiors and pull-out cleaning tray offer easy cleaning. The oven comes with a wire rack, if you want a second rack, you can order it as an add-on. Moreover, the 3 year warranty makes the device more dependable and comes as an additional incentive.

With Cuisinart TOB-200 Rotisserie Convection Toaster Oven, you get evenly brown and crisp slices each time, thanks to the always even toast shade control. Generously big oven size gives you the freedom of cooking for the entire family quickly and easily. The rotisserie feature of the device easily roasts up to a 4-pound chicken or 5-pound duck. The oven does all the jobs to perfection and performs really well when it comes to bake, rotisserie, or toast the food. The frozen pizza was a little unevenly cooked but if you turn it around mid cooking, the result is just perfect. All in all a great deal if you are looking something compact, affordable, and that sorts all your needs of cooking.

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