Nesco FS-200 Food Slicer Review

Nesco FS-200 Food SlicerSlicing food with knife on a chopping board often results in unevenly thick slices. This manual process of food slicing consumes ample amount of time if you want perfectly broad and thick slices of various food items. Things become tricky, if you have to slice a cheese slab.

As cheese creates a lot of blade-drag, food slicers with a motor efficiency of less than 130 watts are useless for cheese slicing. So, to let you effortlessly slice cheese with evenly broad and thick slices, Nesco has introduced its FS-200 Food Slicer with a motor efficiency of 180 watt and a large multipurpose 7.5 inch hardened stainless steel serrated blade for effortlessly slicing cheese, meat, bread, vegetables, and fruits.

Nesco FS-200 Food Slicer is easy to use and offers effortless quick results with smooth operations. With adjustable thickness control range 9/16 inches, you can select your desired slice thickness between 0 to 12. To experience a trouble free slicing operations, place the food onto food carriage between support plate and slicing guard. Slide food carriage back so food is clear of blade. Press power switch to start the slicer. Keep left hand on the power switch, and hold the slicing guard with the right hand. To start slicing, push food in towards supporting plate while holding the slicing guard and slide food into blade. Slide food carriage back and repeat until the desired amount of food has been sliced.

To prevent any danger of injury, always use food carriage and slicing guard while cutting. For added safety during storage, the device offers a safety feature of returning the thickness control to ā€œpā€ after use and before cleaning. This will keep the blade edge covered by support plate when the device is not in use. The on/off switch of the device offers you to safely begin and finish the operation before plugging/unplugging the slicer.

With dimensions of 16.9 x 10.9 x 12.6 inches and weigh of 11.4, the device offers easy placement on a flat, dry, stable surface for effortless slicing. The sturdy die-cast aluminum housing with a 15 degree forward tilt and stainless steel serrated blade contributes to the robust finish of the device and makes it a perfect food slicer for effortlessly slicing any sort of food ranging from fruits and vegetables to slicing cheese, breads, cakes, and even meat loaves. Nesco FS-200 Food Slicer, 180-watt offers breeze cleaning with quick release food carriage and detachable stainless steel slicing blade. The device comes with easy to understand instruction manual to guide you through the operation, cleaning, storage, and safety precautions for safe and efficient operations.

The device is awesome as far as effortless slicing is concerned. The safety features of the device offer smooth and convenient end-user experience. The best thing I like about this food slicer is its easy cleaning. Unlike other food slicers, the Nesco FS-200 Food Slicer, 180-wattgets apart with quick release features, and it is so much easier to clean and sterilize this slicing master without any trouble.

Pros & Cons:
Effortless slicing with die cast aluminum housing with a 15 degree forward tilt. Breeze cleaning with removable food tray and slicing blade. Safe and secure smooth operations with food carriage, slicing guard, on/off power switch, and thickness control return feature. Not a con but a safety feature to prevent any accidental injury while handling is to always keep hands away from the blade, as the blade will continue to move for a short time after switching off the device. Do not use appliance for cutting deep frozen food or bones.

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