Nesco FS-10 Food Slicer Review

Electric food slicers are the devices that were considered to be the best slicing tool in any commercial set up, for instance, restaurants and eateries. Commercial food slicers are heavy duty extra powerful devices that are somewhat inappropriate for domestic use.

NESCO FS-10 ReviewWith the advent of domestic food/meat slicers, now you can slice various sorts of foods, restaurant style, including meats, cheese, vegetables, and even fruits and enjoy perfectly thick or thin slices of food the way you want.

Nesco FS-10 Food Slicer is one such electric food slicer designed especially for domestic use and is incomparable with other slicers in terms of efficiency, durability, and safety.

Being powered with 200 watts of heavy duty motor and a 9.8 inch thick hardened stainless steel blade, the slicer performs beyond expectation. The device is designed with heavy duty metal construction keeping all the safety features in mind.

Variable thickness control feature of the food slicer gives you the freedom of adjusting the thickness according to your requirements for evenly thick slices one after another with just a simple movement of the slide bar. The device sits firmly on the surface and adheres neatly onto the countertop or tabletop offering smooth and secure operations.

With dimensions of 22.8 x 13.2 x 17.1 inches and weight of not more than 21.8 pounds, the device can be easily accommodated on the countertop. Durable all metal finish with stainless steel blade handles all sorts of food items of varying thickness. The slide bar and food carriage of the device is easily detachable for cleaning purposes.

The Nesco FS-10 Food Slicer is ideal for home or domestic use. The motor strength is 200 watts that is the ideal wattage for domestic usage as compared to other domestic slicers of 180 watts of motor capacity. The thickness of the steel blade is also more than average for effective slicing. The device houses nicely on a heavy metal base that adheres firmly to the countertop or on a flat surface for smooth and safe operations. As far as pricing is concerned, the slicer is a bit costlier than other economical domestic food slicers, but with extra powerful motor; extra thick blade; and enhanced safety features; the device truly justifies its price.

Pros & Cons:

Heavy duty 200 watts domestic food slicer for slicing up meats, cheese, fruits, and vegetables. Adjustable thickness control feature gives you the freedom to set the desired thickness range up to 9/16 inch. Durable and long lasting with strong metal finish and hardened stainless steel blade. Precautionary measures should be taken while working with the device.

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