Nesco ES-08 Electric Skillet Review

 Nesco ES-08 Electric Skillet ReviewDo you fancy hot steaming home-made meals with just a snap of finger.

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  1. Nesco skillet model ES-08 has a temperature control which gives the numbers 1-5 instead of C and F readings.
    How do I know what 1 to 5 correlates to as my first ‘guess” was a disaster?

    1. The temperature control of the skillet has numbers 0 through 5. The pan gets really hot at #2 to #3. Keep an eye on your cooking process as the pan heats up pretty quickly. Add water as necessary if you are cooking hard cuts of pork or beef. You need to get yourself accustomed with the temperature settings with a little bit of hit and miss. To begin with, I am giving you some suggestions on temperature settings. Hope this will help.

      Number 5 temperature setting – If you want to heat up something really quickly or just want to sear the meat.
      Number 2 temperature setting – If you want to cook something slower.
      Number 3 to 4 temperature setting – For regular frying.

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