Urban Islands Stainless Steel Refrigerator Review

Urban Islands Stainless Steel Refrigerator Review, www.browngoodstalk.com

Have you ever fancied the idea of having a fridge that is compact enough to be set anywhere yet spacious enough for a complete family? If yes, Urban Islands Stainless Steel Refrigerator by Bull Outdoor Products is here to meet your needs.

This roomy 4.5 cubic foot capacity compact fridge is a large capacity mini fridge. The durable stainless steel built makes it an efficient outdoor fridge. It works well in the outdoor environment all year round, irrespective of the outside temperature.

The fridge boasts a convenient canister beverage dispensing system in door for easy beverage availability. Internally, the white interiors of the fridge come equipped with 3 removable, wire coated shelves and a detachable crisper compartment for your perishables.

With dimensions of 19.75 x 20.5 x 32.7 inches and weight of no more than 150 lbs, the Urban Islands Stainless Steel Refrigerator offers stand-alone free-standing installation. The door is reversible and can be attached either on the left or right side.

The steel appearance of the fridge fits well in any kind of contemporary kitchen theme. Cleaning is easy with the aid of removable shelves. The unit is safe to use and is quieter than other brands. Since it withstands well with the temperatures, it can be an ideal addition to your outdoor bar or porch. The unit is reasonably priced and works well without any hassles.


  • 4.5 cubic feet spacious internal cooling chamber
  • Mechanical thermostat
  • Canister beverage dispensing system in door
  • Reversible door
  • Detachable wire shelves


The only con is that the inner shelves are somewhat flimsy wire shelves. But, this is only an assumption. Time will only tell how durable they are.

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