Summit SPR627OS Frost-Free Outdoor Compact Refrigerator Review

Summit SPR627OS Frost-Free Outdoor Compact Refrigerator Review, www.browngoodstalk.comDo you live in a hot temperate climate with crazy humidity all year round? Are you looking for an outdoor refrigerator that can withstand elements of heat, cold, and moisture? Look no further as Summit SPR627OS outdoor refrigerator is here to meet your needs.

The main key feature of the fridge is its extra cooling capability and its compactness. Even under the blazing sun, the cooling device doesn’t compromise with cooling your beverages. Your beers and soft drinks will always be ice cold, like polar beer cold inside Summit Frost-free refrigerator that can fit anywhere.

The device is CEE Tier II qualified and uses 25% of less energy than DOE standards required for this type of product. The fridge serves both commercials as well domestic purposes. It meets all the energy star standards for commercial usage and all DOE standards for domestic use. Summit SPR6270 Frost-Free Compact Refrigerator features factory-installed lock which provides the security you can count on.

With dimensions of 23.63 x 23.5 x 34 inches and a total weight of 105 lbs, the unit boasts a front-breathing design. This feature saves space and gives you the freedom of installing your baby nicely under the counter. The fully finished black cabinet offers free standing standalone installation outdoors.

The cooling device features easy to use electronic controls inside the unit for optimum temperature control. The unit is frost-free. Thus, it saves time and effort of manual defrosting. The inner 4.6 cu ft of cooling cavity comes with adjustable glass shelves for easy storage. The door of the device is durable stainless steel with a solid easy to grasp stainless steel handle.


  • Frost-free
  • Outdoor refrigerator, withstand to all kinds of weather (heat, cold, and moisture)
  • Solid commercial construction
  • Front-breathing design to save space


The only con is that the unit is a bit pricey, but this doesn’t affect the overall star rating.

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