SPT 2-1/2-Cubic Foot Compact Energy Star Refrigerator Review

 SPT 2-1/2-Cubic Foot Compact Energy Star Refrigerator ReviewCompact refrigerators have become the hot favorite small kitchen appliances among domestic users these days. These units fulfill all the basic requirements of keeping food and beverages chilled, are easily affordable, and are economical in the long run as well by limiting your ski-high electricity bills.

Pros & Cons:
Energy star and CSA approved eco-friendly mini fridge tops the list of low cost energy efficient compact refrigerators. The device fulfills all the basic requirements of keeping the food fresh and beverages cold. The unit is cost effective and economical in the long run. The top mounted separate icemaker chamber can freeze 2 sets of ice cube trays in a go. The freezer can also be used for short-term storage of some commercially frozen foods. The thermostat control dial located at the upper right hand corner of the interior compartment has settings 1 to 6 plus 0. Though the setting of 4 should be appropriate for home or office use, the temperature settings can be changed depending on the needs. The only hitch is that the device does not defrost on its own, periodic manual defrosting of the device is essential to avoid heavy frost build up that can affect the efficiency of this mini fridge.

SPT 2-1/2-Cubic Foot Compact Energy Star Refrigerator is one such mini fridge from a reputed refrigerator manufacturing brand Sunpentown. This energy star mini fridge saves your money in 2 ways. Firstly, it is compact, hence requires less power to chill on, thereby limiting the total energy consumption of your house to a great extent. Secondly, you can buy this mini fridge at unbelievably low easy on pocketbook price.

The energy efficient mini fridge has the overall storage capacity of 2-1/2 cubic feet and is provided with 2 slide-out wire shelves for storage versatility. The fridge also features tall bottle door rack, 7-inch freezer compartment that can accommodate 2 ice cube trays, and adjustable thermostat for maintaining the set temperature of the device.

The device is free off any HCFC as a refrigerant material and is an energy efficient eco-friendly alternative of keeping food and beverages chill. The fridge is compact and offers free standing installation in any of your room. The flush back design of the SPT 2-1/2-Cubic Foot Compact Energy Star Refrigerator saves more space while installation and is ideal to be used in dorm room, office, or even in your bedroom for instant access of eatables and cold drinks. The fridge is CSA approved and is energy star certified as per government norms of energy saving appliances.

With dimensions of 18.6 x 17.7 x 24.9 inches and weight of not more than 46 pounds, the SPT 2-1/2-Cubic Foot Compact Energy Star Refrigerator, can be easily accommodated on the counter-top for convenient usage. The front leveling legs of the device let you adjust the height of the unit for firm and secure placement. The reversible door feature of the mini fridge adds more versatility in terms of giving you the freedom of operating it from either left or right side.

SPT 2-1/2-Cubic Foot Compact Energy Star Refrigerator, is the best compact mini fridge that one can have in his/her office cabin or college dorm room. I like the simple and sleek design and energy saving feature of the appliance the most. The device is small but has lots of space in the form of 2 removable wire shelves, a tall bottle door rack, and an ice freeze compartment. The reversible door of the fridge makes it a versatile nice looking appliance. The unit is extremely quiet and works efficiently in keeping things cold besides offering the added advantage of making ice cubes and storing frozen foods in the small 7 inch freezer compartment. All in all, a basic energy star mini fridge that works surprisingly well with just the right size and right cost.

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