Nostalgia RRF38SDPK Retro Series 3.8-Cubic Foot Refrigerator Review

Nostalgia RRF38SDPK Retro Series 3.8-Cubic Foot Refrigerator with Freezer Compact refrigerators are  pretty much in vogue these days. Reason – Their pocket-friendly price tag and compactness.

Nostalgia RRF38SDPK Retro Series 3.8-Cubic Foot Refrigerator with Freezer is one such sleek and easily affordable mini fridge.

Nostalgia is known for its high-quality kitchen and houseware and RRF38SDPK Retro Series 3.8 cubic foot refrigerators is yet another addition in the wide range of sturdy and efficient home appliances that come under the brand name of Nostalgia.

The mini fridge is 3.2 cubic foot in size with an inbuilt freeze compartment of 0.60 cubic foot. Not only this, this compact refrigerator does come with two tempered glass slide-out shelves, a transparent crisper box plus provision for storing can and bottles in the sleek side door of the device.

With dimensions of 22.5 x 22 x 33 inches and weight of no more than 72.3 pounds, the fridge offers standalone easy installation and can be easily installed anywhere in your house recreation room or living room. The fridge is a perfect choice for a dorm room or an office as well. Being provided with sturdy feet, the unit can be easily adhered to the floor and saves your time and effort in placing a refrigerator stand to level the device.

Equipped with adjustable thermostat, the refrigerator cools from 32 to 52 degrees F, while the freezer cools from 0 to 32 degrees F, offering fresh fruits, vegetables, cold beverages, and ice at any time of the day.

I really love the appearance of the fridge. Available in vibrant shades of pink, blue, and red these sleek refrigerators blend easily with any sort of contemporary interiors. The die-cast sleek door handle simply adds more to the compactness of the device.

The only glitch I see here is that the product’s origin is China and that it is not an energy saving refrigerator. Other than these 2 significant issues, the fridge is good enough to be picked.

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