Nostalgia KRS6100RETRORED Full Size Kegerator Review

As we all know, Kegrators are refrigerators that are designed to store kegs with easy dispensing utilities. Kegs are kept inside the cooling device and CO2 gas is used to pressurize and dispense the keg. This makes the beverage to remain fresh and carbonated for a longer period of times.


Pros & Cons:
The device is sleek and attractive in appearance and offers the service for what it is designed; however, there are a few glitches that doesn’t truly justify the high price of the unit. For instance, the Co2 tank that the device comes with has a flimsy substandard valve on it and the other glitch is that the tap tower is cheaply made and often gets stuck with repeated usage. However, pouring a little of the beer at a time helps it working smoothly.

Nostalgia KRS6100RETRORED is a retro style kegerator the boasts some of the features of the vintage style kegerators that were fairly popular during the 50s, yet highly stylish in appearance.

The unit features a 6.1 cu feet of cooling cavity and holds the following sizes with ease - 1/6 Barrel (5.23 Gallons), 1/4 Barrel Short (7.75 Gallons), 1/4 Barrel Slim (7.75 Gallons), 1/2 Barrel (15.5 Gallons). The Co2 Tank capacity is 2.5 lb (unfilled).

The device includes one American Sankey “D” Tap system. The tap is spring loaded for easy pull and release dispensing. The kegerator comes with a double meter regulator and adjustable thermostat with minimum-normal-maximum settings. Additionally the device comes with inner wire shelves. With the aid of rolling casters, the device is easy to be moved around. The top of the unit features a 13 inch chrome plated tap tower, a guardrail, and a steel handle.

The stylish look of the beverage cooler cum dispenser makes it an ideal choice for backyard barbecue parties, garages, entertainment rooms, or anywhere else in the house for ready availability of cool frothing beer and wines. The device can easily hold up to four 1/6 kegs with ease and works efficiently in maintaining the temperature and dispensing the beverage with just a push of the tap. All in all, a vintage style refrigerator with all the unique features of a modern styled kegerator.

A sleek looking vintage styled refrigerator that can add elegance to the ambience and make you relive the memories of the bygone era with the easy availability of cold and chilled beverage any where, any time.

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