Kenwood KM080AT Cooking Chef Machine Review

Kenwood KM080AT Cooking Chef Machine Review, www.browngoodstalk.comKenwood KM080AT Cooking Chef Machine truly a BOON.

Have you ever imagined of having a mixer, blender, food processor, and induction cooker all built in one machine? What? You would have never imagined a machine like this… Well, now you can and even get one for your kitchen.

Kenwood KM080AT Cooking Chef Machine takes all the worries of blending, mixing, stirring, and cooking out in one go. This robust appliance does everything from mixing, stirring, blending, food processing, and cooking. Yes, you heard it right.

Cooking too! It takes the cook out of the kitchen. Now you can have more family time as Kenwood stirs and cooks at the same time for that perfect and tastier outcome.

The appliance comes equipped with electronic speed control that avoids splashes and splatter of mixing ingredients. With 8 mixed speeds and 3 stirring speeds for cooking, the unit operates at an accurate temperature that ranges between 70 degrees F to 285 degrees F. It does come with a 3-hour timer that gives you complete control on the cooking process.

Not only this, the 4 attachment hubs help you customize your machine as you want. European designed motor is sturdy enough to hold anything from lightest mousses to some heaviest dough loads. The most peculiar feature of the Kenwood KM080AT Cooking Chef Machine is that it comes with dual motor ventilation point that allows the hot air to escape. This distinct feature keeps the motor from overheating and thus prolonging its life.

The cooking chef can be the center of all your cooking needs. It does all and does everything with ease. The machine boasts incorporated safety features. Interlocking head and outlet covers with sensors provide safe usage. In addition to a number of mixing and stirring speeds, the machine offers pulse and fold function for added control and versatility. Last but not least, it comes with a limited 5-year warranty which is included with the package.


  • Cooking chef machine works wonder and offers smooth and safe end-user operations.
  • It’s a complete package which allows you to mix, stir, blend, process, and cook.
  • Powerful 1150 W cooking and 800 W mixing. Large 7 quarts/6.7L bowl capacity with generous 3.1 quarts cooking capacity.
  • Easy to use 5 sturdy stainless steel bowl tools.


  • You can sometimes have a hard time stirring chunky vegetables properly as they tend to get stuck with the stirring attachments. This makes the bowl rotate which in turn causes the machine to stop working. It’s better to chop these kinds of vegetables before dumping them into the machine.
  • The machine is solid but the splash guard and heat guard are made up of plastic which doesn’t look very durable or long-lasting. This could be troublesome if you hate buying replacements. But if you can handle replacements, this is one well-designed solidly built cooking station that tackles all your cooking hassles.

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