Haier HC27SW20RB Mini Dorm Cooler Fridge Freezer Review

Compact refrigerators are ruling over the Home Food Cooling Devices segment because of their amazing simplicity and compactness. Not only this, these mini fridges cost you much less than you spend on buying a full-sized home refrigerator.

Haier HC27SW20RB Mini Dorm Cooler Fridge Freezer

So, why not bring home one of those little babies that meets all your basic requirements of ice making besides keeping your food and beverages chilled and that too without breaking your banks. via Amazon

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Haier HC27SW20RB is one such mini dorm cooler fridge that comes in an extra compact size of 2.7 cubic feet yet boasts a spacious cooling chamber with a separate built-in freezer compartment.

Key Features:
The space-saving design of this mini fridge offers 2 full-width wire shelves for storing eatables and a spacious full width freezer compartment with an ice-cube tray. The door of the fridge easily accommodate 2 L bottles, up to 6 beverage cans, and some packaged food items in a full-width shelf.

The most admirable feature of the fridge is its adjustable thermostat that lets users to customize the interior temperature depending on their needs. All in all, an amazing little fridge that works like a bigger one.

With dimensions of 27.4 x 18.7 x 17.5 inches and weight of not more than 30 pounds, this solidly built compact fridge is ideal for dorms, offices, game rooms, and home entertainment rooms. The fridge makes no to minimal sound, is really a quieter cooling device and gives you the flexibility of keeping it in your bedroom with a ready availability of beverages, ice, or eatables whenever you want.

The only thing that can affect your buying decision is that the freezer of this cooling unit is not self-defrosting, but if you can manually defrost the freezer time to time, this fridge is the best bet if you’re looking something compact yet spacious, fulfills all your basic cooling needs, and is easy on your pocket too.

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