Bayou Classic 700-725 Fryer, 2.5-Gallon, Review

Bayou Classic 700-725 Fryer, 2.5-Gallon, ReviewBackyard cooking is a common outdoor activity letting you enjoy your favorite food amidst chit chat and laughter with your family and friends.

Pros & Cons:
Commercial quality deep fryer for outdoor/indoor domestic usage as well as ideal for commercial kitchen setups. 2.5 gallon generous frying capacity for deep frying large quantities of food using less oil. Exclusive V design avoids batter scorching. Heavy duty stainless steel frying basket, thermometer control, inbuilt drain hose with valve and pressure regulator with stainless braided hose along with extension legs provided with the unit save extra money on these essentials. The device gets hot very quickly; hence it is necessary to keep a tab on the cooking oil temperature to avoid any hazardous situation.

Now, you can have these social gatherings and family get-together more frequently as Bayou Classic 700-725 Fryer, 2.5-Gallon is here to amaze you and your guests with its hassle-free operating techniques of serving your all time favorite fritters, fried fish, chicken wings, fries, and so more, in just a matter of minutes.

The Bayou Classic 700-725 deep fryer is a rugged 2.5 gallon capacity deep fryer ideal for commercial as well as domestic purposes. The propane gas deep fryer gives you the flexibility of using it indoors as a table top device or outdoors as a free standing deep fryer. The generous 2.5 gallon frying capacity of the fryer let you fry enormous amounts of food in one go. The classic V-bottom design of the device keeps base oil temperature cooler than the surface; this prevents any scorching of the batter and offers you evenly cooked food with crispy brown edges.

The special V design of the fryer keeps the oil clean at the bottom and allows you to reuse the oil more than once. This naturally saves your money and after-cooking cleanup time. The fryers works by flowing the heat from propane through the tube in the back of the Bayou Classic 700-725 fryer and runs all the way through the fryer, thereby heating the oil. The fryer holds the heat efficiently and uses less propane. Once the oil is hot enough to fry perfectly, you can even turn the gas completely off and continue frying.

Heavy duty 12-gauge stainless steel construction of the device makes it an ideal commercial cooking appliance. The device has the dimensions of 18 x 13.5 x 32.5 and is provided with two sets of legs, long waist height stainless legs and short stainless table top legs. The fryers includes an 11 x 7 x 3 inch sized stainless steel basket with cool touch handle allowing you to fry large quantities with the smaller fryer conveniently. The built-in drain valve with attached drain hose easily drains the oil into another canister once cooking is over. The unit also includes a temperature gauge for keeping an eye on the cooking temperature and once it reaches the optimum frying temperature of 350 degrees F, you can slow down the gas flame, and can economically use your fryer without burning extra gas. The Bayou Classic 700-725 Fryer, 2.5-Gallon does include a 10 PSI regulator with control valve and a stainless braided hose for gas cylinder attachment.

Amazingly impressive deep fryer that beats the limitation of frying indoors. Special design and provision for extension legs make it ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. Generous sized cooking basket with 2.5 gallon of oil capacity can make food for a group of 8 to 10 people. Bayou Classic 700-725 Fryer, 2.5-Gallon gives the freedom of doing multiple batches using same oil as the oil remains clean throughout the cooking process with no batter scorching at the bottom. Heavy duty stainless steel construction offers easy cleaning, and there is no rust to deal with. Being powered by propane, the Bayou Classic 700-725 Fryer, 2.5-Gallon is a cost effective alternative by maintaining the desired temperature, thereby burning less gas. All in all, a device that saves your money by offering an economical usage of propane gas rather than consuming electricity.

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