Alen BREATHESMART-FIT50 Air Purifier Review

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 Customizable Air Purifier with HEPA-Pure for Allergies and Dust (Espresso, 1-Pack) You have heard a lot about air purifiers and their benefits. Air purifiers are used to purify the indoor air off any allergen, air borne particles, disease causing microorganisms, dust, and odor.

Pros & Cons:
Intelligent sensor detects the indoor air quality and adjusts the functionality of the device depending on the intensity of the allergens and air borne irritants by changing the color of the air quality indicator light. The whispermax technology of the device offers quiet operations by reducing air turbulence and specially designed fan and air chamber maximizes pure air output with peaceful soothing clean indoors. Smart filter timer of the device let you enjoy the incredible features of the air purifier without any worries of keeping a tab on filter change indication. Easy to use child lock feature let you keep your device safe from curious naughty hands. The device includes a lifetime limited warranty from manufacturer’s side. The product is flawless, and it is hard to find any glitch except the fact that it is a bit pricey, and you need to shell some extra money if you want to have this powerful high tech air purifier for your indoor needs.

Though a basic air purifier is a device that is used to upgrade the poor air quality indoors and make it free off any allergens and pollutants, thereby keeping your indoors clean, fresh, and healthy, Alen BREATHESMART-FIT50 Air Purifier is far beyond the features of a basic air purifier. The device is a complete revolutionary product with smart sensor and whispermax technology and is out in the markets showcasing the latest design and workmanship involved in upgrading the indoor air quality.

The SmartSensor technology of Alen BREATHESMART-FIT50 Air Purifier smartly detects the allergens and pollutants in the air and adjusts its functions if running on auto mode. It changes the color of the air quality indicator light from blue (maintaining pure air) to pink (moderate pollutants detected), and to red (heavy pollutants detected) and automatically changes the settings for maintaining pure air indoors. The 4 HEPA type filter options of the air purifier add amazing versatility to the purifier letting you select the filters for addressing specific purification needs.

The device has a pretty generous coverage area of 800 sq feet and removes up to 99% air borne irritants (0.3 microns and greater) from the home environment offering healthy comfortable indoors. The WhisperMax technology of the device allows you to breathe easy with quiet and peaceful operations. A specialized fan and air chamber of the device maximizes the delivery of clean pure air without interrupting the silence of the environment and cleans the indoor air efficiently.

The device includes 4 panel options to choose from, depending on the design and theme of your interiors. The Alen BREATHESMART-FIT50 Air Purifier is an energy efficient appliance with energy star certification and helps you limit the sky-high electricity bills. Easy-to-activate child lock feature of the device allows you to keep it anywhere you want without any worries of controls getting messed up by your little ones. The device is 30% smaller than standard BreatheSmart and has dimensions of 10 x 16.8 x 22.2 inches ; 16 pounds with shiping weight of 25.2 pounds. The smart filter timer maximizes the filter life and indicates when filter change is required for efficient operations.

Alen BREATHESMART-FIT50 Air Purifier is a revolutionary product and a high end air purifier with smart features of inbuilt sensor, filter timer, and whispermax technology. The device effectively maintains pure air indoors without disturbing the peace of your home as it works at 50% less noise by reducing air turbulence. The unit covers 5x more coverage area and effectively purifies an area of up to 800 sq feet in totality. The customized panel option allows you to choose from a range of Espresso, carbon fiber, natural maple, oak, and white colors depending on the ambience. Surprisingly, the device comes with lifetime limited warranty which is a manufacturer’s guarantee that a product will be replaced without any charge if found defective. All in all, a best deal if you want something extraordinary and don’t mind spending on something that is worth its price.

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