Hisense DH-70K1SDLE Dehumidifier Review

Hisense DH-70K1SDLE Energy Star 2-Speed DehumidifierAre you worried about the creaking floor and watermarks on your walls and ceilings? Is your laundry not drying out properly, and is there a damp misty odor which is obstructing your way towards healthy comfortable living, then you must be facing the problem of excessive humidity in your house. Excessive humidity not only degrades the air quality of your home environment but also has several hazardous effects on your health as well as causes trouble to your kids leading to breathing difficulties, respiratory problems, increased perspiration and so more which, in turn, can cause allergic rhinitis, midnight bouts of allergic cough, rash, and irritation of skin. Dampness in the house makes a conducive environment for moulds and mildews to breed on it, thereby causing increase in the population of harmful pathogens making your home a moist damp favorable resort for all sorts of disease causing microorganisms.

Pros & Cons:
Energy-saving cost-effective dehumidifier for covering up a large indoor space or even ideal for basement moisture extracting needs. Highly powerful and extracts up to 70 pints of moisture per day. Water reservoir as well as drain hose connection for easy removal of water. Removable washable easy-to-clean air filter for effectively removing any air borne particles and allergens. Improves the indoor air quality by removing dampness, making the indoor drier and hampers the growth of microorganisms and pathogens. The only gripe is that the device does not come with a drain hose, although any garden hose will work, but an extra drain hose would be an added advantage for this already impeccable flawless device.

Thankfully, dehumidifier are here to help you tackle the excessive humidity levels of your home environment making your indoors drier and healthier and helping you live a healthy and comfortable life by maintaining optimum humidity levels indoors. Hisense DH-70K1SDLE Energy Star 2-Speed Dehumidifier, 70-Pint is one such new-age active dehumidifier to make your life easier and let you experience the pleasures of comfort living. So, just bring Hisense DH-70K1SDLE Dehumidifier, home and enjoy family time with your spouse and kids and experience the comfort of being home.

Hisense DH-70K1SDLE Energy Star 2-Speed Dehumidifier, 70-Pint is an energy efficient eco-friendly dehumidifier which can cover up to 1500 sq feet large indoor area and extracts about 70 pints of moisture in a 24-hour cycle period improving overall air quality of your home environment for comfort living. The device is ideal for large spaces and works effectively even at temperatures as low as 38 degrees F. Being equipped with electronic controls and LCD display, the dehumidifier offers 3 modes for maintaining the optimum humidity levels indoors. The unit is impeccably effective and versatile with manual set, continuous, and auto dry operation modes and offers convenient end-user experience. The device is equipped with a 2 gallon water reservoir as well as there is a provision for attaching a drainage hose to drain the extracted moisture in the form of water into a drain, you can choose either of the 2 methods for water removal depending on your convenience.

Besides this, the programmable 24-hour on/off timer, adjustable humidistat, and full-tank alert/shutoff features of the device offer safe and convenient end-user experience. The easily identifiable clean-filter indicator light and full-tank indicator light of the device make it a user-friendly hassle-free house-hold appliance. The power cord storage feature and easily movable caster wheels of the dehumidifier aid in free easy mobility of the device from one room to other depending on your need. The device is safe to be used indoor with UL and cUL certification under its belt.

The new Hisense DH-70K1SDLE Energy Star 2-Speed (hi/low) Dehumidifier with assembled dimensions of 24.7 x 15 x 11.4 inches, and weight of not more than 34 pounds offers free standing installation anywhere indoors and covers a large area of 1500 sq feet in toto. Being equipped with front bucket location, drain hose connection, 16 pints bucket capacity, and 70 pints moisture removal capacity per day, the device is a perfect solution for all your worries of removing dampness and moisture from your home or basement area providing you a cleaner, healthier home environment or a drier basement. The removable washable air filter of the device effectively filters out any air borne particles, allergens, or dust mites from the air and can be easily cleaned with mild soap under running water and giving you a cleaner fresher feel all the time.

The device pulls out the moisture from the air really effectively and removes almost 6 gallons of water from the room in first 13 hours when started at 70% of relative humidity and maintains the humidity level of the room steadily at 56%. All in all, Hisense DH-70K1SDLE Energy Star 2-Speed Dehumidifier, 70-Pint is an eco-friendly house-hold appliance for safe cleaner home at an affordable easy on pocketbook price.

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